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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GAG and FLESH WORLD are out now!

Hello world people,
 We have two more for you. It has been a crazy couple weeks. No end in sight. Drowning.

GAG - Locker Room 7" w/ download (LUNGS-056)
   Your favorite mid-tempo manglers are back with "Locker Room", the tour single and premier track from the upcoming GAG lp later this year on IRON LUNG RECORDS.
   Only 500 copies will be made, housed in a high quality felt-weave sleeve. Sounds by Dave Harvey. Art by Scott Young.

FLESH WORLD - A Line In Wet Grass 7" w/ download (LUNGS-055)
   Our friend Jenn Pelly once described FW like this: "Imagine spiky melodies and washes of reverb mixed with the driving intensity of cold, post-punk spirit—skull-piercing guitar feedback, scratchy riffs, anxious drum builds, ominous moods, and bright guitar hooks when you'd least expect them." and we would be hard pressed to put it better than that.
   First pressing is 500 copies on black vinyl and 100 on pink packed in a heavy felt-weave jacket with a handy little insert. Sounds by Brad Dermanouelian. Art by Martín Sorrondeguy.

And we also have the digital version of TOTAL CONTROL for sale HERE too.
Buy a thing in our STORE.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Friday, May 30, 2014

TOTAL CONTROL Typical System pre-order and things to buy

 photo LUNGS-053afrontweb_zps698f1692.jpg

If you'd like to pre-order this life upgrade on the superior LP format, you may do so at There will be a bonus item included thus making it even more desirable to those inclined to trust in our good works.

Our friends at Rough Trade have decided to make Typical System an album of the month. If you want to pre-order the exclusive 2xCD version, do so at

*UK and EU customers can obtain this through La Vida Es Un Mus or Rough Trade respectively.

In addition to this there will be many new items available to your refined tastes that can be purchased immediately.

 photo photo_zps7b734c53.jpg

Have a day.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WARTHOG hits the west coast soon

Here is where to see them do the dirty.

6/3 - Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge w/ Gag White Wards, Chest Pain & Standup Comedy
6/4 - Vancouver, BC @ Astoria Pub w/ Snob, Goms
6/5 - Portland, OR @ The Know w/ Mongoloid, Wild Mohicans
6/6 - Sacramento, CA @ TBA
6/7 - Oakland, CA @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records w/ Provos, Lies, Failure Rites
6/8 - Santa Ana, CA @ TBA w/ Nasa Space Universe
6/9 - Los Angeles, CA @ East 7th w/ Condition, Doses + more TBA
6/10 - San Bernardino @ Black Flame w/ Blazing Eye
6/11 - San Francisco, CA @ El Rio w/ Condition, Replica
6/12 - Portland, OR @ Blackwater w/ Long Knife
6/13 - Olympia, WA @ Old School Pizzeria w/ Gag, Naomi Punk, Nudes

  photo wart6314web_zps942a67a3.jpg

Sunday, May 18, 2014

GAG - "Locker Room" official video

Chad from NUDES made a sick video for the new GAG single.

Monday, April 28, 2014

IRON LUNG and NAILS tour the west in May

 photo ILNAILSposterweb_zpse4cf5708.jpg
In addition to these fine shows we will be playing two with BONE SICKNESS. In Olympia, WA April 29th at Old School Pizzeria with Gag and in Reno, NV April 30th at Clark Lane Mall.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our year end favorites.

 For better or worse we took the time to compile a list of our favorite things that came out this year. All of these bands are a cut above and worthy of complete respect.

 photo ILtop10_zps73435d7e.jpg
IRON LUNG's Year End Top 11 in no particular order:

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE - Observant Com El Mon Es Destrueix LP - La Vida Es Un Mus
 -This is the record of the year for us. So much goes on that seems to slip by unnoticed by most. UBI's got it all and we caught it early. Fuck yes! Heavy, distorted, anthemic, industrial, inclusive punk with a non-linear musical direction designed for explosive upward action and will shattering hypnotism. If you haven't dazed up and done yourself in with these yet, please get down with them immediately. Don't be chumped. Everything about this record is different and perfect. See you soon!? Thank you.

FRAMTID - Defeat Of Civilization LP - Black Water/La Vida Es Un Mus/Crust War
 -"Japan has long been heralded as thee place to see and hear raging yet earnest musical craftsmanship." Even if you don't agree with that statement (which may or mat not have been printed in a good citizen's handbook), FRAMTID is most certainly an argument for it. The drumming alone on this record is better than most band's entire catalog of offered sound. Note: copying FRAMTID's blistering natural state is not recommended. We expected to like the tortured pummel and head twisting megawave but holy hell it blew all of us out of our trees. Incredible. Consider our civilization defeated.  Thank you.

CONDITION - Bombed Out 7" - Rust & Machine
 -Just another D-Beat record to be ignored...WRONG!. CONDITION is the new face of genre perfect madness and bar-raising brutality. And they look good doing it too. Chains. Tattoos. Supple warming bass tone. Full rich guitar sounds minus the gratuitous noisy feedback crutch. Tasteful D&B from a guy with real dreadlocks and the sweet ginger tones of a leg-breaking-beer-throwing wild-ass. We are charmed to the last drop. Thank you.

HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE - Ruthless Sperm LP - Sub Pop
 -Just when you thought acceptably over dramatic Italy had had it's time in the musical sun, HEBV comes creeping from the outer rings with their first proper full length. Worth every bolt, nut and noodle on the wait plate too. From start to finish Ruthless Sperm caresses your insecurities and takes full, provocative advantage of your newly vulnerable state with equal parts jagged noise rock, punk snarl and urgent soundtrack simmer. It's as if you were  watching a Mario Adorf/Linnea Quigley jazzercise orgy on VHS. Thank you.

BONE SICKNESS - Alone In The Grave LP - 20 Buck Spin
 -Alone In The Grave thrashes and kills like a punk record but is not a punk record. It's a death metal record. A real death metal record. Not one that sucks bananas with lots of tech tricks and triggered nonsense. Just solid raging Autopsy meets Terrorizer styles. Not to mention a singing drummer! You know we like that. We wish all current metal bands had the balls to sound real like these guys. BONE SICKNESS is no fucking wimp. Thank You.

WOLF EYES - No Answer-Lower Floors LP - De Stijl
 -On their 900th release, WOLF EYES cleans the noise clock yet again with a more pared down soundtrackish approach. Lick the speakers, you can almost taste the dirt on the basement floor. It's hard, uneasy and unfinished yet dense enough to hold up the entire shack for a thousand years. The secrets are buried beneath the bodies. Do the big dig, there's something special here. Still can't put our fingers in it but it hits just right every time. Thank you.

PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS - The World Is Fucked LP - Chapter Music
 -If you didn't already know PC was one of the best drumless keyboard punk noise weirdo hybrids of the 80's then they gave us all another chance to do that dance. Oddly enough this recording is the first they've done in a proper studio. All others were recorded live. And still destroyed! How many bands ever did that? Screamers? Yep. None other that we can think of. In a sea of lukewarm teenage new wave/industiral/goth rehash these guys made an ugly pumping muscular collection of ear destroyers palatable for all age groups with a taste for the indecent. Thank you.

PLEASURE CROSS - s/t CS - End Theory
 -The only tape release to make the cut this year but rest assured that this is the real grindcore you've been looking for. Angry lives ground by full grown adults with jobs and responsibilities who are not quite "too old for this shit" just yet. We look forward to seeing what they release next because we know it will knock your block off and repurpose the chubby tepid leftovers into fuel and party favors. This cover art should win some kind of award. Two KKK's kissing? Genius. We grant thee a championship belt encrusted with jewels, gold and bragging rights. Thank you.

KREMLIN - Drunk In The Gulag 12" - Beach Impediment/Bad VIbrations
 -We swear we saw this band wear a beret on stage. And sunglasses at night too. That's what the punks do these days, right? Whatever the fuck they want, right? It shows hard on this 130 grammer. A scalding cache of nasty Canadian roughcore tunes easy to groove to but hard to pigeonhole. No gimmicks, no fuss, just punx. Fuck off squares, get down to KREMLIN (posthumously)! Thank you.

PISSED JEANS - Honeys LP - Sub Pop
 -Sweaty. Thank you.

GAG - This Punk Shit Is Cool But I Hope I Am Rob Zombie When I'm 28 12" - Bedside
 -Trenchmen states-wide beat themselves ugly to the antics of our northwest's beloved. Big riffs and smashed noses can always be counted on. And that is just the live version. Recorded it's just as visceral and unattractive. It's a good thing this is only one-sided as most would not be able to handle two. Lucky for us we have thick skin and hard knuckles. If we've learned anything from these manglers it's to never let our guard down. GAG goes ham. Bet. Thank you.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

IRON LUNG, GEHENNA & INFEST in Seattle 3.1.14

 photo 3114web_zpsed755da5.jpg
This will be the first and possibly only INFEST show in the great northwest ever. Don't miss it.
Advance tickets available at

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MUTANT VIDEO - Missing Fingers CS is out now!!

 photo MVmfweb_zps2a7b838c.jpg
Today we have this for your discerning interests;
(LUNGS-043) MUTANT VIDEO - Missing Fingers CS w/ download
 The penultimate hash-mark in the workbench of John Carpenter meets American punk soundtrack-core that is better known as MUTANT VIDEO. This is the darkest and most developed material to date with devastating drum machine rhythms, driving bass lines and eerie scraping noisescapes. A one-time edition of 300.

In the shop HERE
As a MV bonus, we got a few SELF COM/DROWNER split tapes too. Get weird.

And the NEEDLES 7"s are back in stock too.

We also managed to get a few copies of the GAG - 40oz Rule 7" as well. HERE
 photo gag40_zpsc4474ba8.jpg

Thursday, June 13, 2013

WHITE WARDS - Paint Huffer 7" and more...

 photo WWpainthufferweb_zps830577da.jpg
Paint Huffer is in the shop. HERE
We will be getting a bunch of ILR related goodies after this weekend too. GAG 12", NUDES 1st 7", CRIMINAL CODE/BIG CRUX split 7"s and MUTANT VIDEO - Missing Fingers tapes. The NEEDLES 7" will be back in stock next week too. Stay peeled.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

WHITE WARDS & GAG tour dates in the USA 2013

Both bands will have a fresh assortment of limited things for sale and weapons for violent acts on stage. The incredible WHITE WARDS LP will be out late 2013. Be sure to scoop up the Paint Huffer 7" they'll have with them.


5/22 PDX @the know w/Wild Mohicans, Denta na Mente
5/24 SF @fortress w/Wild Moth, Caged Animal
5/25 OAK @1234go w/Cold Circuits
5/27 LA w/Stoic Violence, Doses
5/28 Phoenix @ the spot w/magnum force, Jungle Monk
5/30 chaos
5/31 chaos @ Hotel Vegas (early) w/ Condition, Blotter. (late) w/ Replica
6/01 chaos
6/02 chaos
6/03 Denton tx @ rubber gloves rehearsal studios w/ Hoax, Sete Star Sept, Nasa Space Universe, Asile, Coltranes
6/04 Kansas City @ Satans Gay Bathtub w/ Thee Nodes, Nuke Cult, Thee Fluids
6/05 Denver @ Mouth House w/ Low Tax, Civilized, Dick Widler, and Neg Deg
6/06 slc TBA
6/07 Boise @ the crux w/Memory Smoker, Smuts, 1D


w/ Condominium
June 11th Olympia @ Le Voyeur w/ Negative Press, Coprot
June 12th Seattle @ Black Lodge w/ Vex, and Dreamdecay
June 14th Vancouver @ Rainbow connection w/ Vacant State, TBA
June 15th Portland @ The Know w/ Therapists, Sick Rats

w/ Yadokai
June 19- w/ Permanent Ruin, Negative Standards, and Necrot- Finca Mission, San Jose, CA
June 20- w/ Man Bites Dog, Delirium, + TBA- Phoenix, AZ
June 21- w/ Condominium, Stoic Violence, + TBA- 1725 E 7th St Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, January 3, 2013

IRON LUNG - White Glove Test US Tour 2013


Fri 1 - Vancouver, BC @ Zoo Shop [223 Main St.] w/ Column Of Heaven, Osk, Cooked And Eaten & Koszmar. $10
Sat 2 - Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge w/ Column Of Heaven, Mutant Video & Nudes. 9pm $10
Sun 3 - Portland, OR @ Black Water Records [223 Russell St. 97212] w/ Column Of Heaven, Gag & Lifeform. 7pm
M 4 - Olympia, WA @ Scary Manor w/ Column Of Heaven, Nudes & Love Interest. 8pm
Tu 5 - Sacramento, CA @ The Press Club [2030 P street, 95816] w/ Column Of Heaven, Rat Damage, Alarms & Rad 7pm 21+
W 6 - San Jose, CA @ Finca Mission w/ Column Of Heaven, Replica, Permanent Ruin & Caged Animal 5:30pm
Th 7 - San Francisco, CA @ Knockout (21+) w/ Column Of Heaven, Neon Piss & No Love 10pm
F 8 - Oakland, CA @ First Church of the Buzzard [26th & Adeline] w/ Column Of Heaven, Vaccuum, Miscreant, Permanent Ruin & Striations. 7pm $8
Sa 9 - Santa Ana, CA @ Unit B w/ Column Of Heaven, Rival Mob, Despise You & Hordes
Su 10 - Los Angeles, CA (matinee) @ Dytch Warehouse [5369 W Pico Blvd.] w/ Column Of Heaven, Rival Mob & Knife Fight.  3pm
Su 10 - San Bernadino, CA (evening) @ Garage Inc. Pizza Company [1535 E. Highland Ave, 92404] w/ Column Of Heaven, Stoic Violence, Doomed Species & Hordes. 7pm $8
M 11 - San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe w/ Rival Mob, Crime Desire & Nerve Control. 6pm $10.
Tu 12 - Phoenix, AZ @ Wallstreet [2450 E Chambers] w/ Magnum Force, Gay Kiss, Sacred Followers & Speech Impediment. 8pm
W 13 - Albuquerque, NM @ Synchro Studios w/ Fort Hobo & Ronoso
Th 14 - Tulsa, OK @ The Soundpony (21+) w/ Common Fears, Chest Pain
F 15 - Ft. Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ Chest Pain, Wild//Tribe, Mean And Ugly, Collick & Sin Motivo. 7pm $6.
Sa 16 - Austin, TX (matinee) @ Scoot Inn w/ Hatred Surge, Mammoth Grinder, Clutch, Baptists, Orange Goblin, Royal Thunder, Black Breath, Power Trip, Ancient Wisdom....+more.
Sa 16 - Austin, TX (evening) @ Red 7 (SXSW official showcase) [611 E 7th St] w/ Big Freedia, Antwon, Merchandise, Parquet Courts, The Novice & Power Trip. 8pm.
Su 17 - Houston, TX @ Numbers [300 Westheimer Rd 77006] w/ Hatred Surge & Back To Back
M 18 - New Orleans, LA @ Mudlark Theater [1200 Port St] w/ Bloody Mummers. 7pm $5.
Tu 19 - Jackson, MS @ Rampage Extreme Park [931 Hwy 80 W. 39201] w/ Northern Faces, Headcase, Sun Ballet, In The Clear & Simple Gulls. $7 6:30pm.
W 20 - Nashville, TN @ Owl Farm w/ Choking On Ash, Guide & Pissbath.
Th 21 - Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo's w/ Unspoken Trimuph, Secret Guilt & Evolve/Revolt. 10pm
F 22 - Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn [736 Ponce De Leon Ave NE] w/ Shaved Christ, Rapturous Grief & Cheap Art
Sa 23 - Gainesville, FL @ The Atlantic [15 N. Main St.] w/ Shaved Christ, Ectoplasm & Sacridose. 9pm. $8
Su 24 - Athens, GA @ Farm 255 w/ Shaved Christ, Burnt Books & 1 more unnamed Turkey act. 10pm sharp.
Tu 26 - Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 [200 W. Marshall St. 23220] w/ Dreamdecay, Neo Cons, Organ Donor & Violent Outburst. 8pm
W 27 - Washington DC @ Casa Fiesta [4910 Wisconson Ave NWDC] w/ Dreamdecay, D.O.C. & Anti-Zen. 7pm $7
Th 28 - Newark, DE @ Black Lung [382 South Colleger] w/ Dreamdecay, Full Of Hell, Backslider, Budd Dwyer & Gezora 2pm
Th 28 - New Brunswick, NJ @ The Alamo w/ Dreamdecay, Ugly Parts & Damaged Goods. 7pm $5.
F 29 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church @ First Unitarian Church [2125 Chestnut Street 19103.] w/ Dreamdecay, Ed Schrader's Music Beat & Backslider. 7:30pm $10.
Sa 30 - Holbrook, NY @ Mothers Pub (yes it's all ages) [480 Patchogue Holbrook Rd, 11741] w/ Dreamdecay, Water Torture, Pizza Hi Five, Damaged Goods, Spirit Of St. Louis, Scowl 1pm
Sa 30 - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ Dreamdecay, Shoxx & Brain Slug. 8pm
Su 31 - Cambridge, MA @ Elk's Lodge w/ Dreamdecay, Mind Eraser, Ramming Speed & The Combat Zone.

M 1 - Mission SpaceX-2 @ Falcon 9 Conference Room [coordinates yet to be determined] w/ Evel Canaveral, Vladimir's Poutine & Michael. 10:10pm est. $10
Tu 2 - Portsmouth, NH @ Catacombs Of Grief [email scumdestroy at gmail dot com for address] w/ Ramlord & Beartrap.
W 3 - Portland, ME @ Prime Artist [27 Thompsons Point] w/ Sylvia, Ultra//Negative (last show) & Eastern Spell. 8:30pm $6
Th 4 - Montreal, QC @ Death Church w/ Column Of Heaven, SHIT & Vile Intent
F 5 - Ottowa, QC @ Montgomery Legion [330 Kent St.] w/ Column Of Heaven, SHIT & 1 more 8:30pm
Sa 6 - Tonronto, ON @ Soy Bomb w/ Column Of Heaven, Farang & SHIT.
Su 7 - Buffalo, NY @ Funeral Home w/ Gas Chamber, Masakari & Victim Of Circumstance. 6pm
Tu 9 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Permanent Ruin, Abysme, Illegals & Rabid Pigs
W 10 - Huntington, WV @ Funky Towne [1035 8th st] w/ Appalachian Terror Unit, Nervosas & Enzugiri. 7pm
Th 11 - Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar [331 E. Market St., 40202] w/ Whips/Chains & The New Mexico. 7pm $5
F 12 - Chicago, IL @ Mousetrap  w/ SFN, Sea of Shit, Future Cops & Machismo. 7pm.
F 12 - Chicago, IL (after party) @ Ultra Lounge (21+) w/ Violent End, Pillage & Broken Prayer
Sa 13 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Borg Ward [823 w national ave]  w/ Northless, Milorganaut, Gravedirt & Lifes 7pm
Su 14 - Minneapolis, MN @ House Of The Lard (secret address) w/ Cokskar & Scaphe 8pm
M 15 - Minot, ND @ Taube Museum of Art [2 N. Main] w/ Systems Victims, Japaniel Flatsen, Frost Helm, Duffy & The Beer Slayers & Mr. Dad. 7:30pm $5.
Tu 16 - Cheyenne, WY @ Ernie November [217 West Lincoln Way, 82001] w/ Reproacher & 1 more. 7pm FREE.
Sa 20 - Calgary, AB @ National Music Center [134 11 Avenue SE] w/ Criminal Code, Total War, Systematik, Nudes, Adjustment To Society & Flaccid. 5:30pm $20

-last updated 4.2.13

Friday, December 28, 2012

GAG 7" in the store now

We got a few copies of the excellent new GAG - Skimask '95 7" in from the great white north. Violent hardcore from White Wards members. The family is strong.

Get it: ILR store

And for those who missed the first round, we got a few more of the Hatred Surge - Purgatory 7"s too.

Thank you and good day.