Friday, July 8, 2016

Out today on ILR: RAKTA - III LP

RAKTA - III LP w/download (LUNGS-086)
 Brazil's RAKTA is back with 6 new powerfully feminine trips through the fog. Simultaneously claustrophobic and cavernous. You can feel pulsing bass and thundering battery intertwine, akin to a snake coiling around your leg, pulling you down into the murky vortex. A flourish of atmospheric keyboard and vocal clamor pulls you right back to the surface just in time to be sucker punched by silence. This garland will leave you reeling.
 500 copies on blue vinyl housed in a heavy duty sleeve. Art by Mateus Mondini. Sounds by Bernardo Pacheco. Mastered by Daniel Hussayn. Thank you.

This and more are available at Thank you.


We could not be more pleased to announce our involvement in the fantastic STATIC SHOCK WEEKEND IV in London UK this November. Even happier to see friends and great bands. Thanks for having us Tom.
 photo SSW16_A3_FIRST-WEB_zpsqtx1yuhc.jpg

Saturday, June 25, 2016

RAKTA Live in SP June 16th

Here is a what a band at their peak of power looks like. We cannot wait to see what they do on the tour coming up. This is pretty much the whole new LP. Shit is straight up amazing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NUDITY - Here Comes The White Light video!

Here Comes the White Light from Joaquin de la Puente on Vimeo.

The band is back in the swing of the things with a retooled lineup and a hunger for the road. Yes.