Monday, September 19, 2016

THE LOWEST FORM is on the way

Should be out in November. Tests approved.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

IRON LUNG//GAS CHAMBER west coast tour 2016

We are going to be hitting the west with Gas Chamber in October. All shows are all ages. Here are the dates:
21 - San Francisco @Knockout w/Mozart. 9pm
22 - Los Angeles @The Safari* w/Lock, Mynx. 9pm
23 - Phoenix @51W w/Lusitania, Humiliation, Dayak. 8pm
24 - Fresno @Ask A Punk w/Midwest Moms, GFSP, Chokeslam. 7pm
25 - Oakland @Hella Vegan Eats w/Sterile Mind, Rut. And a special screening of One Scythe Fits All. 6pm
26 - Santa Rosa @Ask A Punk w/Acrylics. 8pm
28 - Portland @Black Water w/Dreamdecay, U-Nix. 8pm
29 - Seattle @Black Lodge w/Endorphins Lost, Newlywed. 8:30pm
30 - Olympia @Obsidian w/Dreamdecay, Jaeng. 9pm
*This location could change, stay frosty. More updates will follow as we get them.

Friday, September 9, 2016


WOUND MAN - Rolled 7" (LUNGS-082)
  Wound Man is the fevered brain child of Breathing Fire's Trevor Vaughn and continues to bulldoze in that harrowed vein. Steel heavy and nimble as a fox, with punishing blasts and wicked pounding sludge interlaced.
  Recorded in New Bedford, My America on a 4 track by the man himself. Classy pocket sleeve and stickered bag house the limited blue vinyl or unlimited black. Get creepy.

INTENSIVE CARE - This Is Exactly Who You Are 7" (LUNGS-087)
 INTENSIVE CARE is the phoenix from the ashes of COLUMN OF HEAVEN, a band we all loved and few understood. Bright and angry. Don't relax and think this will be any easier for you to figure. Pure bitterness, cynicism and furor here. The amount of idiocy in the world is confounding. Let this reset your barometer.
 Art by Jonathan Bauerle. 500 copies on black vinyl. Thank you.

Get em in the

Thanks a little. Day. Prez.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

New ILR jams on the way

Here's a preview of PRIVATE ROOM (PNW) and ROHT (Iceland). They are music.