Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TOTAL CONTROL to play All Tomorrow's Parties

While we were sitting on the toilet a message came that our favorite new wave band TOTAL CONTROL will be playing the Battles/Caribou/Les Savy Fav currated All Tomorrow's Parties.

The Henge Beat LP will be out in a day or two so stay sharp. More TC updates to come soon.

P.S. That walls at the top of this flyer is the lesser german walls and not the Superior WALLS from Seattle.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

WHITE WARDS//DREAM DECAY West Coast Tour Summer 2011

Tuesday, July 26 w/ COWER, WILD ONES @The Bunker (Bellingham WA)

Wednesday, July 27 w/ WALLS, SELF COM @Black Water (Portland OR)

Thursday, July 28 @tbd (Reno NV)


Saturday, July 30 w/ PERMANENT RUIN, MIGRIANE @Kimo's (San Francisco CA) 21+

Sunday, July 31 (Los Angeles CA) *Need Help*

Monday, August 1 w/ GRIEVER, THE RIVER, LOW PLACES @Cohiba Lounge (Long Beach CA) 21+

Tuesday, August 2 @Sue's Cafe (Redding CA)

Wednesday, August 3 @tbd (Olympia WA)

Monday, July 18, 2011

BIG CRUX - Nature Cruising 12" Available NOW

Remember all this from before? Well this slab is out now for you to wiggle on...

Reposted from some other internet:
Hey, folks! Big Crux has a modest musical proposal for you. What could possibly be construed as vacant-stare-chicken-walk-boogie, if not neo-bopism [wink], we happily announce a new one-sided 12” EP entitled Nature Cruising. Inspired when on visit with assorted Chicano Rockers, R&B groovesters, and Boondoggle and Bizcocho, during a field trip to some bygone era of rock n’ roll, it is five songs [some with blatant nods to the aforementioned], 368 iterations, artwork by el presidente Elías Martinez, and musings on the trajectory of human history. You can hear it at  Available now through the Iron Lung Records store.

Nice and Friendly, BCX

P.S. Nature Cruising is limited to 300 copies so act fast!

SELF COM in Seattle 7.29.11


Sunday, July 10, 2011

SOCIETY NVRSE in Tacoma 8.25.11

WALLS, WHITE WARDS & SELF COM in Portland 7.27.11

Blackwater Records is at 1927 Southeast Morrison Street in Portland, OR eight blocks away from the Portland Jazzercise Center.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WALLS and WHITE WARDS in Seattle 7.22.11

The Fusion Cafe is in downtown Seattle at 909 4th Avenue.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

SOCIETY NVRSE limited edition prints going fast!

McCoy puts it like this: "Stunning limited edition print of Society Nurse's 1st EP cover image, designed by legendary artist and Salvation frontman, Matt Adis. 12" x 24" black ink silkscreened on textured speckle tone paper."

Get it HERE.