Friday, December 27, 2013

Sounds from ILR's future

All of these IRON LUNG RECORDS things should be out in the early part of 2014. It's going to be a great year.

Please enjoy these previews loudly and irresponsibly. Thank you.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

We put a few new things in the shop

Now that the holiday farce has come to a close we can get back to what really makes it all work out.
COLUMN OF HEAVEN/RADIOACTIVE VOMIT split 7", NO STATIK - Earhammer Soundsystem CS, COLUMN OF HEAVEN - Romance CS (small restock), MUTANT VIDEO/MEMORY SMOKER - split CS and both CONDITION 7"s are all in the STORE now.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

NO STATIK East Coast, Southeast and Puerto Rico Tour

Here are the dates:

12/29 Washington, DC (doors 6/show 7)
@The Rocketship, 1223 Decatur St. NW
12/30 Philadelphia, PA
@The Golden Tea House 

12/31 Brooklyn, New York
@The Acheron, 57 Waterbury St.

01/01 Baltimore, MD
@Barclay House

01/02 Raleigh, NC
@The Maywood, 658 Maywood Ave.

01/03 Orlando, FL
@Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall, 1016 N. Mills Ave.

01/04 San Juan, Puerto Rico
01/07 Miami, FL (doors 4/show 5)

01/08 Tampa, FL
@Epic Problem, 4215 E. Columbus Dr.

01/09 Gainesville, FL
@Mars Pub

01/10 Atlanta, GA
@The Drunken Unicorn, 736 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE (18+ show!)

01/11 Richmond, VA (doors 5/show 6)
@Strange Matter, 929 W. Grace

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hello again,
 From the offices of ILR and the minds of an elite family of geniuses, a plethora of salty innovation spurts forth:

 photo LUNGS-046afrontitunes_zps52bf7308.jpg
NO STATIK - Unity And Fragmentation LP w/download (LUNGS-046)

   ILR had the extreme pleasure to release NO STATIK's first 7" a couple years ago. Since then they have honed and refined their special brand of noisy aggressiveness to a deafening maelstrom backed with a hypnotizing electronic unsettler.
   If you've seen them you know the live show is always explosive and inspiring. If you're new to NoS then be confident they will increase your quality of life. Don't go without any longer. Be touched. Taste the power.
  Art by Thommy Sarceno, Sound by Greg Wilkinson.

 photo LUNGS-045frontitunes_zpsa8e9d556.jpg
DEAD BOOMERS - Arak 7" w/download (LUNGS-045)

   The newest installment in the unofficial 2nd series of 2 song 7"s on ILR, the previous ones being PHT, DIÄT & COLUMN OF HEAVEN.
   Australia's power duo, DEAD BOOMERS, are inspired by the social security draining, fully retired tumor of society commonly known as the baby boomer generation. Home-made instruments and a sage selection of power electronics are the basic tools used to deliver the destructive, calming crush heard within. Unnerving hard noise with punk attitude and approach that's eerily comforting like a visit from Jack Kevorkian on the last day. He has such a warm singing voice. Goodnight.
  Recorded by Morgan McMasters. 300 copies ever.

Both of these fine items can be obtained in our STORE. Have a day.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

IRON LUNG, GEHENNA & INFEST in Seattle 3.1.14

 photo 3114web_zpsed755da5.jpg
This will be the first and possibly only INFEST show in the great northwest ever. Don't miss it.
Advance tickets available at

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some tasty NUDES in the shop

 photo nudesart029_zps886f95b1.jpg
Just got here. Make them go away HERE
 This banger will have to hold all of you over until they return from tour and finish up the work for their 7" on ILR.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

COLUMN OF HEAVEN and DIÄT 7"s out now!

Hello you taste-makers,
 Whet yourselves with these:

 photo LUNGS-042coverAweb_zps39b85201.jpg
(LUNGS-042) COLUMN OF HEAVEN - Holy Things Are For The Holy 7" w/ download
   Rather than the power violence slab you were hoping for, COLUMN OF HEAVEN has decided to conjure two works of cultish outsider industrial music that demands your complete attention. Using standard instrumentation, power electronics, elements of unexplained phenomena and found sounds from down below, CoH raises the bar above and beyond all expectation making the path to follow a rocky and unpredictable maze of torment. This record is not for you. It's for them. Calculated and inaccessible.

As of 10.9.13, CoH is sold out. We are repressing it now. Thank you and good day.

 photo LUNGS-037webfront_zps2b00433d.jpg
(LUNGS-037) DIÄT - Everyday/Hinge & Bracket 7" w/ download
  Our friends from Berlin return with a bursting melancholic post punk single to hold us over until the Energy LP is completed. This is lucky for all of us since the band members almost moved to different continents a few months ago. The drive to stay together is too immense and has crept in to the recording to made a water-tight double sided chest punch of an e.p. Thanks DIÄT, we knew we could count on you.

Both ends of the pop spectrum available in our STORE now. Thank you and good day.

IRON LUNG & CONDITION in Seattle 11.3.13

 photo 11313WEB_zps5ec19414.jpg

Thursday, September 19, 2013

IRON LUNG tours the UK and NL in November 2013

 photo 1176318_10153246210560327_694485491_n_zps0c5902f7.jpg
Thursday 14th November - Groningen @ Lepel w/ Suffering Quota

Friday 15th November - Amsterdam @ Occii w/ Grinding Halt, Blood I Bleed.

Saturday 16th November - London @ TBA w/ The Process, Geriatric Unit, The Lowest Form, Pombagira

Sunday 17th November - Canterbury @ West Track Studios w/ TBA

Monday 18th November - Bristol @ TBC w/ Mangle, Atomck & Knifedoutofexistence

Tuesday 19th November - Nottingham @ Chameleon w/ Endless Grinning Skulls & Moloch.

Wednesday 20th November - Preston @ The Mad Ferret w/ Mangle, Deathwank, Asahara & The Day Man Lost

Thursday 21st November - Leeds @ Temple Of Boom w/ The Wub (aka No Guts), Mob Rules & Perspex Flesh

Friday 22nd November - Aberdeen @ TBA w/ The Process

Saturday 23rd November - Edinburgh @ Opium w/ The Process (last show ever) & The Day Man Lost.

Updates as they come. Today is 10.06.13
Updates HERE too.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The sounds of the future...

 This is a taste of the new shit that is coming in the next couple months. Stay frosty.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Some new things in the shop... and CONDITION in a cave.

We have received a couple new items for you exquisite tastes to sup. The new CONDITION 7" is a total ripper and the COLUMN OF HEAVEN cassette is nothing short of madness. We also got a few more TOTAL CONTROL shirts in to keep you warm until the new LP (initial tracking has begun today) comes out.  photo cohCONDweb_zps10d0ef4e.jpg Go forth and acquire HERE  photo tumblr_mra6yn02FY1qivm00o1_128_zpsd2efd272.jpg

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

IRON LUNG and THE PROCESS make headlines in the UK

 Our partners in crime, The Process, have seen fit to discuss the ancient history of the Iron Lung/The Process west coast tour this past October in this blog article. There is a video with cops and fights and everything. Manicured for your eyeholes by journalist and soon to be jingoist, Jamie Thomas.
 Look HERE 
Thank you.

Friday, July 19, 2013

INNUMERABLE FORMS tour Australia real soon.

We are playing guitar for Innumerable Forms on this tour. We will have the new split lp with Blessed Offal for sale at the shows and in the ILR store after tour. This lp fucking destroys.
*all dates with Mammoth Grinder
7.26 FRIDAY: MELBOURNE @ The Tote w/ Inverloch, The Kill, Doubled Over
7.27 SATURDAY: ADELAIDE @ ANIMAL HOUSE WAREHOUSE w/ Hydromedusa, Starvation, Internal Rot
7.28 SUNDAY: MELBOURNE@ THE GASOMETER HOTEL w/ Straightjacket Nation, Extortion, Internal Rot, Sewercide, Headless Death, Bloodrule
8.1 THURSDAY: CANBERRA @ MAGPIES CITY UNDERGROUND w/ Internal Rot, Throat of Dirt, Hygiene
8.2 FRIDAY: SYDNEY @ THE SQUARE w/ Internal Rot, Oily Boys, Headless Death, Legions
8.3 SATURDAY: BRISBANE @ SUN DISTORTION STUDIOS w/ Shackles, Internal Rot, Headless Death, Sick People
Go HERE to hear a preview track or two.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

REPLICA in Seattle 8.15.13

REPLICA (Oakland thrash) and COMPLETED EXPOSITION (Osaka powerviolence) have made a good decision by playing a show in Seattle. We support them and so should you.
 photo 81513web_zpsb7a1e7e7.jpg


The bands will have a limited quantity of this silkscreened poster on their upcoming west coast tour in August. Design by REJECTED ARTS.
 photo Headpain2IDEA3web_zpsfb3eef9f.jpg

Saturday, June 29, 2013

COLUMN OF HEAVEN track from the upcoming 7"

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEEDLES tour dates July 2013

NEEDLES and MANIPULATION will be tearing up the west coast next month. We are excited. Here's where you can see them.

Thursday July 11th Oakland, CA @ the Church (Corner of 24th and Linden) w/Permanent Ruin & Provos 7pm-10pm (over by 10)

Friday July 12th Bend, OR @ The Warehouse (1330 NE First Street) 7pm

Sat July 13th Portland, OR @ Boogies-All Ages-6pm (910 E Burnside) w/ Warcry, Long Knife

Sun July 14th Olympia, WA @ Palace Flop House w/ White Wards, Wet, Stoic Violence 8pm $5.00

Monday July 15th Vancouver, B.C. @ tba w/ School Jerks, Vacant State

Tuesday July 16th Seattle @ Black Lodge 8pm All Ages w/ Iron Lung, Stoic Violence 8pm

Wednesday July 17th Portland, OR @ Blackwater Records w/Reactor,plus one tba 7pm $6.00

Thursday July 18th San Francisco, CA @The Fortress/214 Clara Street/ San Francisco,CA 94107 w/Ritual Control, Stressors 7pm (shows over by 9:30-10) $8.00

Friday July 19th Los Angeles, CA @7th Street Warehouse/1725 East 7th Street/L.A., CA 90021 w/Pesadilla Distopika, Sadicos plus one TBA 8pm $7.00

Saturday July 20th early afternoon show @Mass Media Records/614 East 4th Street/Santa Ana, CA/92701 1pm bands TBA

Evening show Bakersfield, CA @ Munoz Gym (1931 E California) 7pm All ages w/On Parade, Carcinogenz

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MUTANT VIDEO - Missing Fingers CS is out now!!

 photo MVmfweb_zps2a7b838c.jpg
Today we have this for your discerning interests;
(LUNGS-043) MUTANT VIDEO - Missing Fingers CS w/ download
 The penultimate hash-mark in the workbench of John Carpenter meets American punk soundtrack-core that is better known as MUTANT VIDEO. This is the darkest and most developed material to date with devastating drum machine rhythms, driving bass lines and eerie scraping noisescapes. A one-time edition of 300.

In the shop HERE
As a MV bonus, we got a few SELF COM/DROWNER split tapes too. Get weird.

And the NEEDLES 7"s are back in stock too.

We also managed to get a few copies of the GAG - 40oz Rule 7" as well. HERE
 photo gag40_zpsc4474ba8.jpg

Monday, June 24, 2013

DREAMDECAY // USLESS CHILDREN west coast tour August 2013

 photo UCDDusa2013web400_zps91af27f8.jpg
THURSDAY AUGUST 8TH, VANCOUVER BC...............................TBA
FRIDAY AUGUST 9TH, SEATTLE WA............................................@ Black Lodge w/ Naomi Punk, Stickers
SATURDAY AUGUST 10TH, PORTLAND OR................................@ Slabtown
SUNDAY AUGUST 11TH, OLYMPIA WA........................................TBA w/ GAG
TUESDAY AUGUST 13TH, RENO NV............................................@ 249 Ryland
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14TH, SAN JOSE CA...............................@ Cafe Stritch w/ Sourpatch
THURSDAY AUGUST 15TH, SAN FRANCISCO CA.......................@ Hemlock
FRIDAY AUGUST 16TH, OAKLAND CA .........................................@ 1234 Go Records w/ In Disgust, Vaccuum
SATURDAY AUGUST 17TH LOS ANGELES CA..............................@ The Bomb Tomb Room (American Legion Hall) 227 N. Avenue 55 w/ Behavior, Nothing
SUNDAY AUGUST 18TH SANTA ANA CA.......................................@ Mass Media Records (Day Show) 614 E 4th St 4pm
SUNDAY AUGUST 18TH LOS ANGELES CA..................................@ EL CID w/ Dumb Numbers, Qui & Hepa/Titus (Useless Children Only)
MONDAY AUGUST 19TH SANTA CRUZ CA....................................@ House w/ Wild Moth (Dreamdecay only)
TUESDAY AUGUST 20TH SAN FRANCISCO CA............................@Sutro Bath Caves w/ Wild Moth (Dreamdecay only)
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 21ST PORTLAND OR................................@ TBA (Dreamdecay only)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

WHITE WARDS - Paint Huffer 7" and more...

 photo WWpainthufferweb_zps830577da.jpg
Paint Huffer is in the shop. HERE
We will be getting a bunch of ILR related goodies after this weekend too. GAG 12", NUDES 1st 7", CRIMINAL CODE/BIG CRUX split 7"s and MUTANT VIDEO - Missing Fingers tapes. The NEEDLES 7" will be back in stock next week too. Stay peeled.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

HATRED SURGE - Human Overdose LP out now!!!

If you are at the Chaos In Tejas festival be sure to pick this scorcher up from the band directly, from their affiliated bands (Impalers, Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip and more) or from Iron Lung at any of our many shows. If you aren't here in Austin buy it HERE.
 photo LUNGS-041web_zps233a3059.jpg
(LUNGS-041) HATRED SURGE - Human Overdose LP w/ download
HATRED SURGE has been around for a while but only release an LP when it is truly ready. During the session, Alex described this recording to us as "a rhino on pcp" and we cannot disagree. This current back to basics 3 piece phase of HS sees a much more apparent death metal influence but still retains the "grinding violence" stylings they are known (and loved) for. Make no mistake, this LP will smash you. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

WHITE WARDS & GAG tour dates in the USA 2013

Both bands will have a fresh assortment of limited things for sale and weapons for violent acts on stage. The incredible WHITE WARDS LP will be out late 2013. Be sure to scoop up the Paint Huffer 7" they'll have with them.


5/22 PDX @the know w/Wild Mohicans, Denta na Mente
5/24 SF @fortress w/Wild Moth, Caged Animal
5/25 OAK @1234go w/Cold Circuits
5/27 LA w/Stoic Violence, Doses
5/28 Phoenix @ the spot w/magnum force, Jungle Monk
5/30 chaos
5/31 chaos @ Hotel Vegas (early) w/ Condition, Blotter. (late) w/ Replica
6/01 chaos
6/02 chaos
6/03 Denton tx @ rubber gloves rehearsal studios w/ Hoax, Sete Star Sept, Nasa Space Universe, Asile, Coltranes
6/04 Kansas City @ Satans Gay Bathtub w/ Thee Nodes, Nuke Cult, Thee Fluids
6/05 Denver @ Mouth House w/ Low Tax, Civilized, Dick Widler, and Neg Deg
6/06 slc TBA
6/07 Boise @ the crux w/Memory Smoker, Smuts, 1D


w/ Condominium
June 11th Olympia @ Le Voyeur w/ Negative Press, Coprot
June 12th Seattle @ Black Lodge w/ Vex, and Dreamdecay
June 14th Vancouver @ Rainbow connection w/ Vacant State, TBA
June 15th Portland @ The Know w/ Therapists, Sick Rats

w/ Yadokai
June 19- w/ Permanent Ruin, Negative Standards, and Necrot- Finca Mission, San Jose, CA
June 20- w/ Man Bites Dog, Delirium, + TBA- Phoenix, AZ
June 21- w/ Condominium, Stoic Violence, + TBA- 1725 E 7th St Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Out Now: DREAMDECAY - N V N V N V LP w/ download

 photo NVNVNVlplayoutversion2iTunes_zps2fa1d2c8.jpg

Hello the elite,
 It has been a while since we've been in touch. We have a new thing to sell you. It's an ugly successful thing though so get your grease ready.

DREAMDECAY - N V N V N V LP w/ download (LUNGS-040)
    A lunging, murky noise rock master stroke from this Seattle trio (well, really a quartet since this recording) who is constantly evolving and refining their craft into something truly massive and unique. Feel free to open your life to the interesting and embrace this twisted vision of northwest heaviness. Don't sleep on this band or you will kick yourself later. We might kick you later too.
   They are certainly one of the most powerful live bands around and if you've seen them you know we don't lie. If you bought the tour test press version of this on the east coast then you double know we don't lie. DREAMDECAY will be doing a west coast tour with USELESS CHILDREN later this this year. Get ready.

Fill your record bag here:
Test drive the sounds here:

Thanks for your time and support.

P.S. To those who ordered the "Mystery Product", they are being sent to us in the next few days and to you a few days later. Or so we're told anyway.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IRON LUNG in NYC, at MDF & Chaos in Tejas 2013

Some shows of interest to you young sportsmen out there. We will have the final remaining copies of the White Glove Test 2xLP for those who missed out before.

 photo tumblr_mkivb5Qw5N1qfwrxdo1_500_zps0814c84f.jpg
Thursday 5.23.13 @ St. Vitus. 8pm. $12. 18+. Get tix HERE

 photo 92-atxl1_zps6b62d42a.jpg
Converge, Citizen's Arrest, Magrudergrind, IRON LUNG, Kromosom, Tinner & Ilsa 
Sunday 5.26.13 @ Baltimore Soundstage. 1pm. $20. Get tix HERE

 photo FLIER-0408_sm_zps088909dc.jpg
Bolt Thrower, Tragedy, Cruciamentum, IRON LUNG, Magic Circle & Mammoth Grinder
Friday 5.31.13. @11E5. 6pm. $30. Get tix HERE

THIS IS NOT A STEP fest June 27-30 in Berkeley CA

 photo d97c44a5-1386-4f0e-8c80-a8370a25468a_zpsdc6bccc3.jpg
Here is the breakdown of the nightly lineups, we also added a Thursday show at 1224 Go Records in Oakland! 

Thursday, June 27 at 1234 Go!:
Conquest For Death
Naked Lights
Wet The Rope
Dead Seeds

Friday, June 28 at Gilman:
Constatine Sankathi
Fred Thomas
Big Crux
The Exquisites
Street Eaters

Saturday, June 29 at Gilman:
Los Crudos
Talk Is Poison
No Statik
Coke Bust
Permanent Ruin
Hunting Party

Sunday, June 30 at Gilman:
Iron Lung
The Body
Neon Piss
Subservient Fuck
Presales go up at noon today (

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

IL - White Glove Test OUT NOW in Europe

OUT NOW: GRAAN#24 IRON LUNG - White Glove Test lp

Slushat' comrades! White Glove Test is IRON LUNG's third studio album and follow-up to 2007's wildly successful Sexless//No Sex. What started out being the "slow industrial" concept album and pointedly left-field endeavor turned into a frantically paranoid and claustrophobic power-violence masterpiece complete with water tight stop/start compositions leading the way to crushing sludge bits intermingled with blistering hardcore pummel. It's what adults of the Cold War era would refer to as "your typical kill-your-mother-kill-your-father type stuff".

The best FEEDING artwork to date adorns a heavy duty sleeve and high quality black vinyl.

This is a co-release with Feast of the Tentacles


 photo MV050813_zpsa5356e78.jpg
At the Highline. 9pm. 21+.  Is it MUTANT VIDEO's last show?

GAY KISS in Seattle 6.21.13

 photo 62113web_zps71699022.jpg

Monday, April 22, 2013


We are back from the epic. It was crazy and long and awesome. Thanks to all the fine folks who helped us with shows and put us up. It was great to see old friends and make new enemies. Here are just some of the bullet points for the TED talk we'll be giving about our trip later this year.
• Snow is no van's friend and the oil fires in the darkness.
• Industry types with good taste are not destined to succeed in said industry.
• The eyemelt.
• The "natural disaster magnet" phenomenon and it's horizontal integrity.
• Understanding the movement as a series of missteps.
• Dogshit.

 photo IRONLUNGtedtalk_zpsf6cf89c0.jpg
The shop is open again. There are some new Iron Lung LPs and Bone Sickness LPs in there now. We sold out of a lot of things that will not be returning. We still know what we like and what we don't like. Check HERE.

Thanks to all who ordered the Mystery Product. There was a snag in the production so it is a little delayed but rest assured we will be mailing them as soon as they are ready. We are no longer taking orders for that.
Thank you and good day.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

IL-WGT 2xLP - The brutality continues...

Through the powers of backward masking, tour synergy and vertical integration, we have successfully gotten the other half of the White Glove Test 2xLPs for the 2nd leg of the "big do". For the nervous types who thought we ran out, we didn't. Oh, word?
Tour dates updated HERE.

*Due to an error in the printing house we ran short on covers for the Brooklyn and Boston shows. We have the completes in hand for the rest of the trip now.

IRON LUNG on Sub Pop!?!? Tell me more...

So we write this amazing music... And someone in the "biz" was smart enough to notice. WE MADE IT!!

 photo sp1000web_zpseebee0c4.jpg
Here is what the head cheese at SP has to say about the record...

 We STILL want your money!
 Yes, I know.
 I may as well be a carnival barker; inviting you, valued listener, to step-right-up! If Sub Pop has ever had a mission other than to separate you, gullible customer, from your wallet (and the contents therein), it’s to inspire nasty, compulsive behavior.
 We’ve been doing it the same way for over 25 years: by putting out crucial, limited-edition vinyl records.
 Back in 1986, before Sub Pop was a company with debt, mass firings and other trappings of corporate culture, our founder, Bruce S. Pavitt, was already plotting a generation’s takeover.
Sub Pop 100, the first vinyl featuring the now-ubiquitous logo, was the first step in his elaborate scheme. Featuring the “spoken word” of Steve Albini and stellar tracks by Sonic Youth, Wipers, U-Men and Scratch Acid among others, Sub Pop 100, with brain-melting cover art by Carl Smool, was a utopian endeavor at its heart: a “greatest hits” compilation for a world that might actually enjoy “underground” music – a mostly laughable conceit in the mid-80s. Its first-and-final pressing was for 5,000 copies.
 (We feel your pain, covetous collector, but that shit’s long gone, save the occasional eBay sighting.)
 For Sub Pop, 1988 was a year of many firsts: our first office, our first employee, our first bounced check(s) – and that was just April! Sub Pop 200 was conceived over a bottomless trough of beer at the Virginia Inn; twenty masterpieces spread across three twelve inch vinyl EPs with a glossy booklet, this limited edition boxed set was to feature only our friends and our friends’ bands. We then hired an unemployed British actor, re-christened him “Everett True” and bribed a failing music rag to publish our words with that byline. The rest is so much spilt porridge, as they say, and having friends like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney didn’t hurt either.
 (Sub Pop 200 is still available on CD, old timer; the classic Charles Burns illustration alone makes it worth the purchase.)
 At last, it’s 2013, and the music industry is well into its second decade of epic free fall. Once seen as a colorful holdover from a bygone era, like polio and honor killing, record-making is resurgent, and you, discerning buyer, stand to get fleeced by those who would have you spend extravagantly on something unnecessary or worse just ‘cause it’s Record Store Day.
Don’t be deceived! After all: WE still want your money!
Our Silver Jubilee commemorates 25 years of going out of business, and to celebrate, your friends at the Sub Pop water cooler have put together a compilation worthy of your time, money and admiration – though maybe not in that order. We don’t write pithy, half-baked reviews about the music we love; we commit it to vinyl!
 Sub Pop 1000 is our gift to you, patient benefactor, for your unwavering devotion in the face of occasionally wavering good taste. Put together as a labor of love, Sub Pop 1000 carries no further agenda than to provide a crucial, maximal listening experience for its own sake. By that measure, it succeeds and then some. With artists from disparate parts of the globe, our quest for World Domination appears to be complete – again!
 Sub Pop 1000 will be a one-time pressing of 5,000 on tricked-out colored vinyl, with cover art by Nathan Fox, a 16-page booklet and an MP3 download coupon. Sub Pop 1000 will be available at your local record store on 4/20/2013 (aka Record Store Day, though Sub Pop 1000 is NOT a Record Store Day exclusive), through this here Sub Pop Internet Shopping Place and at our 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee on July 13th. It’s also available digitally, for whatever THAT’S worth.
 Your uncle in the record business,
-Jonathan Poneman
  Released: April 20, 2013 


  1. His Electro Blue Voice - "Kidult"
  2. Chancha Via Circuito - "Lacandona"
  3. Protomartyr - "French Poet"
  4. Lori Goldston - "Tangled North"
  5. Iron Lung - "A Victory For Polio"
  6. Soldiers Of Fortune - "Money"
  7. Peaking Lights - "Subterranean Brainblow"
  8. Ed Schrader's Music Beat - "Radio Eyes"
  9. My Disco - "Guided"
  10. Starred - "Doomed"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

More More More

More tour updates have happened. See HERE.

 photo April15_ShowPoster2_zps7e37fec9.jpg
 photo photo-1_zps3b770e83.jpg
 photo Mar18poster_zps0dc36f9b.jpg
 photo 482635_643935212107_1053010938_n_zpsa348d4f2.jpg