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Some tasty NUDES in the shop

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Just got here. Make them go away HERE
 This banger will have to hold all of you over until they return from tour and finish up the work for their 7" on ILR.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

COLUMN OF HEAVEN and DIÄT 7"s out now!

Hello you taste-makers,
 Whet yourselves with these:

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(LUNGS-042) COLUMN OF HEAVEN - Holy Things Are For The Holy 7" w/ download
   Rather than the power violence slab you were hoping for, COLUMN OF HEAVEN has decided to conjure two works of cultish outsider industrial music that demands your complete attention. Using standard instrumentation, power electronics, elements of unexplained phenomena and found sounds from down below, CoH raises the bar above and beyond all expectation making the path to follow a rocky and unpredictable maze of torment. This record is not for you. It's for them. Calculated and inaccessible.

As of 10.9.13, CoH is sold out. We are repressing it now. Thank you and good day.

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(LUNGS-037) DIÄT - Everyday/Hinge & Bracket 7" w/ download
  Our friends from Berlin return with a bursting melancholic post punk single to hold us over until the Energy LP is completed. This is lucky for all of us since the band members almost moved to different continents a few months ago. The drive to stay together is too immense and has crept in to the recording to made a water-tight double sided chest punch of an e.p. Thanks DIÄT, we knew we could count on you.

Both ends of the pop spectrum available in our STORE now. Thank you and good day.

IRON LUNG & CONDITION in Seattle 11.3.13

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