Monday, December 29, 2014

SOLUTIONS - Life Of Joy 12" is finally coming out

The mighty SOLUTIONS will be playing their 3rd and final show in Seattle March 1st with GAS CHAMBER (who is half of SOLUTIONS anyway), TERVEET KADET and IRON LUNG (this will be our only show in 2015). The SOLUTIONS - Life Of Joy 12" is a record we have been planning for a long time and will be ready for that show. 300 copies will be made and that is it forever. Here is that taste:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Things are BACK IN STOCK

There were many things that sold out in record speed and now they are repressed in case you missed them.
TOTAL CONTROL - Typical System & Henge Beat LPs
GAS CHAMBER - Hemorrhaging Light LP
FLESH WORLD - A Line In Wet Grass 7"
IRON LUNG - Savagery 7"

and the PLEASURE CROSS 12" is out now too.

Buy em HERE:

Up next: PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - For Mass Consumption LP/CS

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1st track of the new NUDITY LP coming up on ILR

You know we like to keep people guessing as to what will come next on our fine imprint. Olympia's NUDITY has been around for a few years now and have had a 12" on Discourage and a few self released CD-R's that were all great. They have finally arrived at proper full length album and let me tell you, they have never sounded better. From the current and past minds of TIGHT BROS FROM WAY BACK WHEN, HYSTERICS and SEX VID members. Lace up for the trip...

Friday, November 14, 2014

TOTAL CONTROL made a video

Represses of both albums will be available shortly.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

WHITE WARDS / HUNTED DOWN east coast weekend Nov 2014

WHITE WARDS / HUNTED DOWN east coast weekend in November

Mon 11.17 - Philadelphia PA @ Golden Tea House w/ Low Charge, Kids. 7pm all ages.
Tue 11.18 - Brooklyn NY @ Acheron w/ Sex Dwarf, Nandas. 8pm 21+
Wed 11.19 - Buffalo NY @ The Glitterbox w/ Dream Journal, Dudes, Slotfillers. 6pm all ages.

Fri 11.21 - Toronto ON @ Soybomb w/ Glue, Big Zit, Depths Of Reality, Burning Love. 11:59pm all ages.

And IRON LUNG will be playing a show in Toronto as part of Not Dead Yet.
Thu 11.20 - Toronto ON /// IRON LUNG /// @ Sneaky Dee’s w/ Anasazi, Glue, Column Of Heaven, Animal Mother & Farang. 8pm.

 photo tumblr_inline_nccvsblrzh1r09z96_zpsfda518e7.jpg

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PLEASURE CROSS 12" is out today!

Hello. It's time again to offer you something new. Here is what that is.

 photo LUNGS-060frontbc_zpsb4e19633.jpg

PLEASURE CROSS - Wait For The End 12" w/download (LUNGS-060) $8
 Straight froward throat scraping thrashy hardcore punk with grind leanings from Portland OR. Members of many other bands but most directly related with our fine label by vocalist August Alston who quit Walls to start and focus on Pleasure Cross. Needless to say, this is serious business. So put on your high tops and camo pants and get your ass into the whirlwind. 

 500 copies on black vinyl to set the whole thing in motion.

Get it and a few other choice things at our shop.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

IRON LUNG in Japan & Korea 2014

 photo IRONLUNGweb_zps7d52e411.jpg
For the Japanese speakers out there, more detailed info can be found HERE.
 photo ILinKorea11091161110C117511ABweb_zpsecb7b9bf.jpg
Massive thanks to Kemmy, Satoshi and Yeji!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

GAS CHAMBER is on tour today

10/3 – Holyoke MA @ Row Haus
10/4 – Albany NY @ Tree House
10/5 – Providence RI @ Penny Gaff
10/6 – OFF
10/7 – New York NY @ ABC No Rio
10/8 – Montclair NJ @ Meatlocker
10/9 – Baltimore MD @ Dishaus (w/ D.O.C.)
10/10 – Richmond VA @ Cedar House (w/ D.O.C.)
10/11 – Philadelphia PA @ Half Moon Lounge (w/ D.O.C.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - For Mass Consumption CD is out now

LP and CS out in October on ILR. You can buy the CD from 20 Buck Spin right now!

PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - For Mass Consumption LP/CS (LUNGS-059) & CD (SPIN066)
   Pig Heart Transplant is the alter ego of Jon Kortland, one half of the men that comprise the surgical Powerviolence duo Iron Lung. Like Iron Lung, Pig Heart Transplant delivers both a vicious beating and violent outcome, however the operating methodology is an entirely different animal; slow, churning, industrial, electronic, painfully percussive, a bureaucratic nightmare of State Power with gears grinding the individual into a hallow shell, perfectly molded into one of Them. This is 1984.
  For Mass Consumption is composed of 28 tracks, each approximately 44 seconds long, each song title a 4 letter word, structured in a perfectly palatable way for optimum group adoption and mindless adherence to common purpose. Electronic manipulation, no wave guitar noise, abrasive hammering and eerie synthetic ambience imbue the listener with the seedy malaise of manipulation on a societal scale. One might recognize the pulverizing brutality of early Swans on tracks like ‘Film’ or ‘Pigs’, the pulsing throb of Brighter Death Now and IRM on ‘Coma’ or even Robert McNaugton’s soundtrack work for Henry: Portrait Of Serial Killer on ‘1970’ or ‘1980’.
   Without doubt a horrifying work of aural terror, For Mass Consumption is the logical result of a culture bent on banal conformity and the futile struggle against its domination. Iron Lung Records (LP and Cassette versions) is pleased to bring this tormented future vision into the present in collaboration with 20 Buck Spin (CD version).

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TOTAL CONTROL is pressed

and will ship to people starting Sept 1st, when we return from the Bèstia tour. Thanks for your patience. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Out now: UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE - Nou Món & IRON LUNG - Savagery 7"s

In a time where the average person is staring at their phone more than their television, we offer these digitally supplemented analog platters of vitality...

 photo UBI_SLEEVE_FRONTbc_zpsc61879b5.jpg
UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE - Nou Món 7" w/ download (LUNGS-061)
  Two brand new long awaited songs to follow up last year's incredible "Observant Com El Món Es Destrueix" LP on La Vida Es Un Mus. UBI have managed, working so smoothly it almost seems effortless, to make music that is timelessly familiar and crackling with modern energy. Anthemic industrial tinged hardcore punk with an anarcho slant from Barcelona. Truly, music of the people for the people. One of the best bands going these days. Ring, ring, don't miss this call.
  Black or mystery color vinyl comes packaged in a heavy feltweave sleeve in the style of our other singles from this series (PHT, Column Of Heaven, Gag, Flesh World...).

 photo ILsav083_zpsf2d5de40.jpg
IRON LUNG - Savagery 7" w/ download (LUNGS-058)
  Twelve songs clocking in around six and a half minutes. We fucking timed it! Iron Lung's most raw neanderthal powerviolence flex without bowing to the overworked conventions of the genre. Intentionally nasty and jarring music. They said it couldn't be done, but we keep getting faster and more savage with age. The world around us is more intense than ever and the music found here definitely reflects that. Our angriest record. Our country's dumbest time.
  The first batch of 'Savagery' will be pressed on black or green vinyl and packaged in a fancy inner sleeve inside a hand stamped 12 panel poster. Art by Jon Kortland and Jensen Ward. Sounds by Jackson Long.

Both are available in our STORE now but will not ship until the end of the month because we will be on tour.

Have a pleasant downfall.

Friday, August 8, 2014

IRON LUNG tour vid

From a couple months ago. Our man Michel Valdes has the eye of the tiger.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

THE LOWEST FORM/WHITE WARDS west coast tour dates

 photo wwTLF086_zps17bf83b3.jpg
THE LOWEST FORM / WHITE WARDS west coast Sept 2014
Sat 6 - Seattle WA @ Nut Hole [ask a punk] w/ Flesh World, Cop Rot? 10pm
Sun 7 - Portland OR @ East End [203 SE Grand] w/ Lebenden Toten, +1 more. 9pm
Tue 9 - San Jose CA @ SJ Rockshop [30 N 3rd St] w/ Godstomper, Deathgrave. 6pm
Wed 10 - San Francisco CA @ Knockout (21+) [3223 Mission St] w/ Flesh World, Replica. (matinee 5:30-8:30)
Thu 11 - Santa Monica CA @ Almost Holden Collective [2821 Ocean Park Blvd] w/ Doses, Recidivist, Forged, Mortal Bodies. 8pm
Fri 12 - Fullerton CA @ Programme Skate Shop [2495 E Chapman Ave] w/ Generacion Suicida, DFMK, Abortion Reels, La Equi. 7:30pm
Sat 13 - Oakland CA @ Church Of The Buzzard [ask a punk] w/ Pig DNA, The Light, Interior 27. 8pm
Sun 14 - Olympia WA @ The Voyeur [404 4th Ave E] w/ . 9pm

updated 8.15.14

Friday, July 18, 2014

Berserktown Fest August 15-17

 photo berserktown2web_zps7f888f9f.jpg
Here are some nice inks for you to buy tickets from:

3-Day Pass

August 15 

August 16 

August 17

In the words of Circle Jerks...
"See you there."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Sun 10 - Seattle WA @ Black Lodge [ask a punk] w/ Dreamdecay, Criminal Code, Gel-Sol. 8pm
Mon 11 - Olympia WA @ The Northern [414 1/2 Legion way] w/ Dreamdecay, Burial Suit. 8pm
Tue 12 - Portland OR @ Boogie’s Burgers [910 E Burnside ST.] w/ Bi-Marks, VX Gas Attack. 7pm
Wed 13 - Drive through one of the seven portals to enlightenment
Thu 14 - San Francisco CA @ El Rio [3158 Mission St.] w/ Ritual Control. 8pm (21+)
Fri 15 - Oakland CA @ 1234 Go! [420 40th St. #5] w/ Replica, Frkse/Xiphoid Dementia. 7pm
Sat 16 - Ventura CA @ The Garage [1091 Scandia Ave] w/ Blasting Concept, Sordo, Strike Fast. 8pm
Sun 17 - Los Angeles CA @ Los Globos [3040 Sunset Blvd] w/ Final Conflict, Green Beret, Koward, Condition, Behavior, Ausencia. 4pm
Mon 18 - Bakersfield CA @ Munoz Gym [1931 E California] w/ Generacion Suicida, Anti Psychotics. 8pm
Tue 19 - Tempe AZ @ Luxie Warehouse [1724 W 10th Pl.] w/ Growth, Destruction Unit & Detached Objects. 8pm
Wed 20 - Albuquerque NM @ Sister Bar [407 Central Ave NW] w/ Hanta. 8:30pm (21+)
Thu 21 - Spelunking at Carlsbad Caverns.
Fri 22 - Austin TX @ Mohawk [912 Red River] w/ Wiccans, Kurraka. 9pm
Sat 23 - Austin TX @ Holy Mountain [617 E 7th St.] w/ Back To Back, Ssleeper Hold. 9pm
Sun 24 - Houston TX @ Mango’s [403 Westheimer Blvd.] w/ Sete Star Sept, Dress Code. 8pm
Mon 25 - Tulsa OK @ Soundpony [409 N. Main St.] w/ Senior Fellows. (21+)
Tue 26 - St. Louis MO @ Melt [2712 Cherokee St.] w/ Renegade Assault Tank, Impalers, Lumpy & The Dumpers. 9pm
Wed 27 - Springfield IL @ Black Sheep [1320 S. 11th] w/ Soap Scum, Asthma. 7pm
Thu 28 - Chicago IL @ Saki Records [3716 W Fullerton Ave] w/ Stay Asleep. 5pm
Thu 28 - Chicago IL @ Township [2200 N California Ave] w/ Violent End, Sea Of Shit. 8pm (18+)
UBI goes to NYC to do these:
Fri 29 - Brooklyn NY @ Death By Audio w/ Pharmakon, Survival
Sat 30 - Brooklyn NY @ 538 Johnson w/ Dawn Of Humans, La Misma

and IRON LUNG goes to:
Fri 29 - Husking corns from the feet of thousands
Sat 30 - Laramie WY @ Baby Haus [ask a punk] w/ Reproacher. 4pm
Sat 30 - Denver CO @ Hamsterdam [3547 Brighton Blvd] w/ Roskopp, Prison Death, Low Tax, City Hunter. 9pm
Sun 31 - Boise ID @ The Crux [1022 W Main St] w/ Deep Creeps, Hummingbird Of Death, Grocery List. 7pm

updated 8.6.14 more to follow.

That tour poster you see above is painted by Guillem/UBI and it has been offset printed on 18x24 paper and will be for sale at the all shows until they are gone. Both bands will have new 7"s out for this tour too. Have a listen while you wait.

S.H.I.T. played a show in Los Angeles

Here is the video proof. Shot by the excellent eye of Michel Valdes of Video Protozoa.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

IRON LUNG and INNUMERABLE FORMS at Rrroooaaarrr Fest

  They will announce the day show line up and after parties later on. Tickets on sale at


SALA ROSSA - 8PM / $20



SALA ROSSA - 8PM / $35


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GAG and FLESH WORLD are out now!

Hello world people,
 We have two more for you. It has been a crazy couple weeks. No end in sight. Drowning.

GAG - Locker Room 7" w/ download (LUNGS-056)
   Your favorite mid-tempo manglers are back with "Locker Room", the tour single and premier track from the upcoming GAG lp later this year on IRON LUNG RECORDS.
   Only 500 copies will be made, housed in a high quality felt-weave sleeve. Sounds by Dave Harvey. Art by Scott Young.

FLESH WORLD - A Line In Wet Grass 7" w/ download (LUNGS-055)
   Our friend Jenn Pelly once described FW like this: "Imagine spiky melodies and washes of reverb mixed with the driving intensity of cold, post-punk spirit—skull-piercing guitar feedback, scratchy riffs, anxious drum builds, ominous moods, and bright guitar hooks when you'd least expect them." and we would be hard pressed to put it better than that.
   First pressing is 500 copies on black vinyl and 100 on pink packed in a heavy felt-weave jacket with a handy little insert. Sounds by Brad Dermanouelian. Art by Martín Sorrondeguy.

And we also have the digital version of TOTAL CONTROL for sale HERE too.
Buy a thing in our STORE.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Friday, June 20, 2014

NUDES is on tour now


06/21 - Seattle, WA W/ Gag
06/26 - Portland, OR W/ Gag
06/27 - San Jose, CA W/ Gag
06/28 - SF, CA W/ Gag
06/29 - Oakland, WA
06/30 - L.A. CA, W/ Gag
07/01 - Santa Ana, CA
07/02 - Phoenix, AZ
07/03 - El Paso, TX
07/04 - OKC, OK
07/05 - Denton, TX
07/06 - Austin, TX
07/07 - Houston, TX W/ Gag
07/08 - New Orleans, LA
07/09 - Atlanta, GA
07/10 - Gainesville, FL
07/11 - Charlotte, NC
07/12 - Baltimore, ML
07/13 - Washington DC
07/14 - Philadelphia, PA
07/15 - New Brunswick, NJ
07/16 - New York, NY
07/17 - Boston, MA
07/18 - Providence, RI
07/19 - Montreal, CA
07/20 - Toronto, CA
07/21 - Buffalo, NY
07/22 - Pittsburgh, PA
07/23 - Cleveland, OH
07/24 - Chicago, IL
07/25 - North Indiana, IN
07/26 - Madison, WI
07/27 - Minneapolis, MN
07/28 - St. Louis, MO
07/29 - Kansas City, MO
07/30 - Denver, CO
07/31 - Salt Lake City, UT
08/01 - Boise, ID
08/02 - Seattle WA
08/06 - Olympia, WA

For details: ask a punk. 

TOTAL CONTROL pressing delay

Hey all,
 This is just a quick note to let you know that there has been a small disaster at the pressing plant involving surgery and a newly one-armed man. This has backed up the presses a bit and really thrown a wrench in the production schedules of many labels. We have your orders and info saved and set aside in our hermetically sealed vaults until the presses resume. Rest assured we will work tirelessly until Typical System is delivered to your door.
 Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.
-Jensen & Jon // ILR

 photo PressingIssues_zps8cf0f46f.jpg

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WHITE WARDS, GAS CHAMBER, NUDES all the way out now on ILR!!!

Hey goddammit,
 You tasteful s.o.b.'s now have the opportunity to dull your senses with the hype street sounds of WHITE WARDS, GAS CHAMBER and NUDES. Iron Lung Records provides here:

 photo ilrnow_zps214d4af2.jpg

WHITE WARDS - Cigarette Burns LP w/download (LUNGS-044)
   Continuing in Olympia's tradition of haphazard mangling, WHITE WARDS have finally managed to record a proper LP and it is one mean motherfucker. It's a gritty, nasty Mecht Mensch doing push ups in the Jan's Rooms basement. US hardcore played the way it ought to be. Ugly.
   700 copies will grace the planet packaged in high quality materials made in the United States of America. Some on white vinyl, the rest on standard. Art and sounds by Jake Dudley.

GAS CHAMBER - Hemorrhaging Light LP + Flexi w/ download (LUNGS-054)
   Buffalo hardcore has always made a significant yet largely misunderstood contribution to the furthering of musical mastery. And "Hemorrhaging Light" is no exception. With the same 7 notes that everyone else uses, GAS CHAMBER have managed to completely turn mere punk music into a tense, trans-formative journey. Very rarely in punk do we get to have a complete life shift in the space of one album. This is incredible music.
   500 copies on black vinyl housed in a heavy duty reverse board jacket with a bonus flexi disc. Sounds by John Angelo. Art by Craig Sheperd.

NUDES - Stain 7" w/ download (LUNGS-057)
   Get grimy and low to sensationally uncomfortable hardcore punk music. NUDES lives beneath the street. NUDES is that dirt you swept under the rug. Well guess what, that shit doesn't go away. It disperses and envelops. Sooner or later your life will be nothing but dirt. It's all you'll be able to hear and think on. NUDES loves you. NUDES wants you in their world, under their rug, enthralled and crawling.
   "Stain" comes packaged in a big foldout poster sleeve along with a digital download that includes the band-made video for "Bleach Stains". All on black vinyl. Sounds by Dave Harvey. Art by Maryjane Dunphe.

SHOP SHOP SHOP (buy things in the) (and yes that is 1 of 108 NEEDLES 7"s on green/black marble. 

Coming very soon (like next week): GAG - Locker Room 7", FLESH WORLD - A Line In Wet Grass 7" and a S.H.I.T. repress on fancy vinyl.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NUDES - "Bleach Stains" official video

The "Stain" 7" will be available very soon. Very soon.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

S.H.I.T. in Seattle 7.4.14

Independence Day will have some alien invaders in Seattle. We welcome you, Canadians, to experience all that U.S.America has to offer... BBQ, fireworks and motherfuckin' goddamn freedom.
 photo shitjuly_zps071f57d0.jpg

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

TOTAL CONTROL Typical System pre-order and things to buy

 photo LUNGS-053afrontweb_zps698f1692.jpg

If you'd like to pre-order this life upgrade on the superior LP format, you may do so at There will be a bonus item included thus making it even more desirable to those inclined to trust in our good works.

Our friends at Rough Trade have decided to make Typical System an album of the month. If you want to pre-order the exclusive 2xCD version, do so at

*UK and EU customers can obtain this through La Vida Es Un Mus or Rough Trade respectively.

In addition to this there will be many new items available to your refined tastes that can be purchased immediately.

 photo photo_zps7b734c53.jpg

Have a day.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

IRON LUNG & CEREMONY are playing some shows together

Smiley face

As you may have read in the Brooklyn Vegan article, we are doing a few dates on the east coast with our good friends CEREMONY. We are stoked. Here are the dates....

July 18 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Night Bazaar
July 19 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
July 20 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair
July 21 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel
July 22 - Charlotte NC - Casbah at Tremont Music
July 23 - Atlanta, GA - Mammal Gallery
July 24 - Orlando, FL - The Social
July 25 - Gainesville, FL - The Atlantic

In the meantime here is a well produced video of us playing a show in England to a crowd that would have been happy to see any other band.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WARTHOG hits the west coast soon

Here is where to see them do the dirty.

6/3 - Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge w/ Gag White Wards, Chest Pain & Standup Comedy
6/4 - Vancouver, BC @ Astoria Pub w/ Snob, Goms
6/5 - Portland, OR @ The Know w/ Mongoloid, Wild Mohicans
6/6 - Sacramento, CA @ TBA
6/7 - Oakland, CA @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records w/ Provos, Lies, Failure Rites
6/8 - Santa Ana, CA @ TBA w/ Nasa Space Universe
6/9 - Los Angeles, CA @ East 7th w/ Condition, Doses + more TBA
6/10 - San Bernardino @ Black Flame w/ Blazing Eye
6/11 - San Francisco, CA @ El Rio w/ Condition, Replica
6/12 - Portland, OR @ Blackwater w/ Long Knife
6/13 - Olympia, WA @ Old School Pizzeria w/ Gag, Naomi Punk, Nudes

  photo wart6314web_zps942a67a3.jpg

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So FLESH WORLD has this new song...

This will be on the single coming up in the next few weeks. Rumor around town is that there is a new LP recorded already and will probably be released on ILR later this year. Until then, please enjoy this fine tune.

Monday, May 19, 2014

New PHT LP is imminent.

Here is a taste.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

GAG - "Locker Room" official video

Chad from NUDES made a sick video for the new GAG single.

Friday, May 16, 2014

IRON LUNG is on the A.V. Club.

Sometimes you get things written about you... Thanks, David Anthony.
See the A.V. Club article HERE.
We also got some more of the White Glove Test lps made. This time on white vinyl. Buy a thing HERE.

Lars photo

Thursday, May 8, 2014

GAS CHAMBER tours the icy places.

 photo gc2014tourposter_zps3e45910f.jpg 
Gas has recorded an album of ferocious punk music entitled "Hemorrhaging Light" that will be out this summer on ILR. You're not ready for it. Here is a song you may have heard before but this is a newer nastier version.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TOTAL CONTROL let you in on “Expensive Dog” today

Feast your earhole on the new single...


 photo 71a9cc74-02fc-4602-9236-be25724f6162_zps190ff8e0.png
Photo Credit: Karl Scullin

Today Melbourne’s visceral post-punks, Total Control, share their second single “Expensive Dog” worldwide via Noisey.  Typical System their second LP, was written, recorded, created over the past two years and is set for US/Worldwide release via Iron Lung Records on June 24th and self-release in Australia/New Zealand on June 20th.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

IRON LUNG in Santa Ana 5.2.14

A full set from the show we played with The Flex, Violent Reaction, Bone Sickness, Nails and Skinfather. New songs in there from the Savagery 7" that's coming out this summer.

WARTHOG & GAG in Seattle. 6.3.14

 photo wart6314web_zps942a67a3.jpg

Monday, April 28, 2014

IRON LUNG and NAILS tour the west in May

 photo ILNAILSposterweb_zpse4cf5708.jpg
In addition to these fine shows we will be playing two with BONE SICKNESS. In Olympia, WA April 29th at Old School Pizzeria with Gag and in Reno, NV April 30th at Clark Lane Mall.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

THE LOWEST FORM & WARTHOG out right now!

Good evening,
 Are you tired of having the same corny cobs for every meal? Well, get fresh and pick your teeth with these...

 photo LUNGS-049FRONTCOVERweb_zpsda98a9ec.jpg
THE LOWEST FORM - Negative Ecstasy LP w/ download (LUNGS-049)
A swirling, nasty hardcore punk record by one of Britain's finest ensembles. Negative Ecstasy takes the listener (that would be you, duh) through an aural obstacle course of thuggish pounding and piercing feedback wash. Get dirty. Where would we all be without a couple fuzz pedals? Probably listening to Vivaldi or something refined. No thanks. "I want to bash my brains out, bleed all over your drugs and watch you smoke 'em up as I drift off to the inevitable. THE LOWEST FORM is it, bruv." -Martin Ken

  photo LUNGS-051frontweb_zps95422c0b.jpg
WARTHOG - Prison 7" w/ download (LUNGS-051)
It blows my mind that a single person, let alone a group of people, is able to get anything done in New York City. It's a non-stop claustrophobic hustle. You gotta fight just to get to the train that will probably be delayed and covered in a stranger's blood. Isn't everyone a stranger? Maybe it is that very environment that influences some of the best music of the Americas. It would certainly explain WARTHOG's brutish hardcore punk wildness. Our boys are gearing up to hurt some people. Get mean.
Recorded and mastered at the same sessions as the Exterminate Me 7" on Katorga Works.

These, as well as many other perfect IRON LUNG RECORDS concerns can be obtained at

For the European folks we are happy to announce that, in a very short time, some of our releases will be available through

Thank you for being you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's a hit!

Pitchfork named TOTAL CONTROL's "Flesh War" 'Best New Track'
See for yourselves HERE

TOTAL CONTROL - 'Flesh War' single from Typical System!!!



 photo totalcontrolpromophotoweb_zps4082647b.jpg
Photo Credit: Karl Scullin

Finally, a new deep cut from Melbourne’s visceral post-punk band Total Control.  Typical System, their second LP, was written, recorded, created over the past two years and is set for US/Worldwide release via Iron Lung Records on June 24th and self-release in Australia/New Zealand on June 20th.


Total Control emerged from Australia’s dynamic punk scene in ’08, releasing a succession of 7”s that developed from an aggressive post-punk band sound to studio forays into electronic forms from minimal wave to house.  Their debut LP, Henge Beat, was commended as one of the few records released in 2011 that evaded the ease of classification and competent tribute act status of most modern bands.

Subsequently, they have released three very different records: a split 12” with Thee Oh Sees, a 7” single on Sub Pop and a house remix 12”. Typical System develops on the incongruent demands of their debut LP and ensuing releases, a further development on their continually evolving sound.

 photo LUNGS-053afrontweb_zps698f1692.jpg

Typical System
Total Control
Iron Lung Records
US: June 24, 2014 – Vinyl / MP3 (via Iron Lung / Revolver)
World: June 24, 2014 – Vinyl (via Iron Lung / La Vida Es Un Mus)
AUS: June 20, 2014 – Vinyl / CD / MP3 (via Inertia)

1 – Glass
2 – Expensive Dog
3 – Flesh War
4 – Systematic Fuck
5 – Liberal Party
6 – Two Less Jacks
7 – Black Spring
8 – The Ferryman
9 – Hunter
10 – Safety Net

Typical System’s sleeve art designed by Bart De Boers. Insert poster designed by James Vinciguerra. Both sleeve and poster feature a collection of text and poetry from DX, ST Lore, Julia Nowak, Zephyr Pavey, Hamish Fitzsimons, Carson Cox, Holly Childs, Milos Vukcevic and several anonymous contributors.


Friday, March 14, 2014


S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconciousness" 7"
DEMONBROTHER "Beyond the Veil" 12"
IRON LUNG "Cold Storage II" CS
as well as new IRON LUNG shirt designs and copies of the CRIMINAL CODE "No Device" LP are all available HERE.

Friday, February 14, 2014

IRON LUNG in Chicago 2.22.14

 photo twopiecefestmidewestI15web_zps13355afc.jpg
More info and presale things can be found HERE

Thursday, February 13, 2014

IRON LUNG in Seattle 1.31.14

From the gig we did with Despise You a couple weeks back.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

IRON LUNG in Tulsa, OK 3.14.13

We thought all the juggalos lined up outside the venue were for our show. Turns out Tech 9 was playing next door. Happy to be wrong.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our year end favorites.

 For better or worse we took the time to compile a list of our favorite things that came out this year. All of these bands are a cut above and worthy of complete respect.

 photo ILtop10_zps73435d7e.jpg
IRON LUNG's Year End Top 11 in no particular order:

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE - Observant Com El Mon Es Destrueix LP - La Vida Es Un Mus
 -This is the record of the year for us. So much goes on that seems to slip by unnoticed by most. UBI's got it all and we caught it early. Fuck yes! Heavy, distorted, anthemic, industrial, inclusive punk with a non-linear musical direction designed for explosive upward action and will shattering hypnotism. If you haven't dazed up and done yourself in with these yet, please get down with them immediately. Don't be chumped. Everything about this record is different and perfect. See you soon!? Thank you.

FRAMTID - Defeat Of Civilization LP - Black Water/La Vida Es Un Mus/Crust War
 -"Japan has long been heralded as thee place to see and hear raging yet earnest musical craftsmanship." Even if you don't agree with that statement (which may or mat not have been printed in a good citizen's handbook), FRAMTID is most certainly an argument for it. The drumming alone on this record is better than most band's entire catalog of offered sound. Note: copying FRAMTID's blistering natural state is not recommended. We expected to like the tortured pummel and head twisting megawave but holy hell it blew all of us out of our trees. Incredible. Consider our civilization defeated.  Thank you.

CONDITION - Bombed Out 7" - Rust & Machine
 -Just another D-Beat record to be ignored...WRONG!. CONDITION is the new face of genre perfect madness and bar-raising brutality. And they look good doing it too. Chains. Tattoos. Supple warming bass tone. Full rich guitar sounds minus the gratuitous noisy feedback crutch. Tasteful D&B from a guy with real dreadlocks and the sweet ginger tones of a leg-breaking-beer-throwing wild-ass. We are charmed to the last drop. Thank you.

HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE - Ruthless Sperm LP - Sub Pop
 -Just when you thought acceptably over dramatic Italy had had it's time in the musical sun, HEBV comes creeping from the outer rings with their first proper full length. Worth every bolt, nut and noodle on the wait plate too. From start to finish Ruthless Sperm caresses your insecurities and takes full, provocative advantage of your newly vulnerable state with equal parts jagged noise rock, punk snarl and urgent soundtrack simmer. It's as if you were  watching a Mario Adorf/Linnea Quigley jazzercise orgy on VHS. Thank you.

BONE SICKNESS - Alone In The Grave LP - 20 Buck Spin
 -Alone In The Grave thrashes and kills like a punk record but is not a punk record. It's a death metal record. A real death metal record. Not one that sucks bananas with lots of tech tricks and triggered nonsense. Just solid raging Autopsy meets Terrorizer styles. Not to mention a singing drummer! You know we like that. We wish all current metal bands had the balls to sound real like these guys. BONE SICKNESS is no fucking wimp. Thank You.

WOLF EYES - No Answer-Lower Floors LP - De Stijl
 -On their 900th release, WOLF EYES cleans the noise clock yet again with a more pared down soundtrackish approach. Lick the speakers, you can almost taste the dirt on the basement floor. It's hard, uneasy and unfinished yet dense enough to hold up the entire shack for a thousand years. The secrets are buried beneath the bodies. Do the big dig, there's something special here. Still can't put our fingers in it but it hits just right every time. Thank you.

PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS - The World Is Fucked LP - Chapter Music
 -If you didn't already know PC was one of the best drumless keyboard punk noise weirdo hybrids of the 80's then they gave us all another chance to do that dance. Oddly enough this recording is the first they've done in a proper studio. All others were recorded live. And still destroyed! How many bands ever did that? Screamers? Yep. None other that we can think of. In a sea of lukewarm teenage new wave/industiral/goth rehash these guys made an ugly pumping muscular collection of ear destroyers palatable for all age groups with a taste for the indecent. Thank you.

PLEASURE CROSS - s/t CS - End Theory
 -The only tape release to make the cut this year but rest assured that this is the real grindcore you've been looking for. Angry lives ground by full grown adults with jobs and responsibilities who are not quite "too old for this shit" just yet. We look forward to seeing what they release next because we know it will knock your block off and repurpose the chubby tepid leftovers into fuel and party favors. This cover art should win some kind of award. Two KKK's kissing? Genius. We grant thee a championship belt encrusted with jewels, gold and bragging rights. Thank you.

KREMLIN - Drunk In The Gulag 12" - Beach Impediment/Bad VIbrations
 -We swear we saw this band wear a beret on stage. And sunglasses at night too. That's what the punks do these days, right? Whatever the fuck they want, right? It shows hard on this 130 grammer. A scalding cache of nasty Canadian roughcore tunes easy to groove to but hard to pigeonhole. No gimmicks, no fuss, just punx. Fuck off squares, get down to KREMLIN (posthumously)! Thank you.

PISSED JEANS - Honeys LP - Sub Pop
 -Sweaty. Thank you.

GAG - This Punk Shit Is Cool But I Hope I Am Rob Zombie When I'm 28 12" - Bedside
 -Trenchmen states-wide beat themselves ugly to the antics of our northwest's beloved. Big riffs and smashed noses can always be counted on. And that is just the live version. Recorded it's just as visceral and unattractive. It's a good thing this is only one-sided as most would not be able to handle two. Lucky for us we have thick skin and hard knuckles. If we've learned anything from these manglers it's to never let our guard down. GAG goes ham. Bet. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MK weighs in on lists and smartness

Just to be a smartass and to be a proper label helper, our boy Martin set about doing his own top 10 list for the year. Probably on company time too. That son of a bitch. Bear with him...

 photo mktop10_zpsa6f9e021.jpg
CONDOMINIUM - Carl 7" - Sub Pop
 -They let me have a list so in an act of sheer diplomacy (which is something you Yanks know nothing about!) I'll spit all the things we listened to in the office that they didn't put in their stupid list. Yes, FRAMTID rules and UNA BESTIA is the best(ia) blah blah blah. Since I'm new to this jingo I went with a load of domestics and only a coupla overseas slabs. I assume Carl is one of CONDO's friends with a big attitude and slighty bigger codpiece. Smooth move putting the titular track on the flip side too. These blokes came through a while back and just leveled the room. Wot a band! Birmy's got nothing like this. Cheers cunts.

ZATSUON - Violent Noiz Life 7" - Distort Reality
 -Jake used to play in a non-fashionable group called NERVESKADE that was one of my favorite ILR releases from a couple years back. ZATSUON as far as I'm told is PERDITION people and Jake doing what PERD-people and Jake do best. And that is go apey and make ferocious maximum energy noize-not-music. This banga is fucking mental. Cheers cunts.

NUDES - Sister 7" - Inimical
 -Seattle's stage pissing creeper scums recorded their nasty on the outskirts of civilisation. And brother, it is a mere representation of NUDES' live show. That is what really earnt them the spot on this list. Incredible group. The overlords tell me there is a 7" doing ILR soonish. Cheers cunts.

NOMAD - Kill Yourself LP - Toxic State
 -Some more of that noizy shoestring headband silliness but ripped out and herniated beyond the norm. I imagine their shows are a sight to see. Especially the ones around ground zero... I mean Freedom Plaza, twat. A circle spank of wild mohicans sniffing glue and cutting rugs. I like that visual. We will see them soon and jerk out... Cheers cunts.

PERSPEX FLESH - Heavy Steps 7" - Video Disease
 -Leeds has it's bricks and it's WHO/HERESY live albums but it also has PERSPEX FLESH. A gloved tough punk concoction with the willingness to go beyond the acceptable. Had a chance to catch this act before I moved and it was top notch entertainment. Better than most of the other swill that makes the circuit. I do sense a bit of cheese so they'd best be careful with future moves. Cheers cunts. (-editor's note: The cheese has not been sensed) 

REPLICA - Strings 7" - Prank
 -Ladies of colour and the hirsute male machine make strange thrashy jigs. Up with people. Get free. Not to be missed in the live arena. Cheers cunts.
 -It doesn't take much wit to get that FORMS are the real destroyer sound. Brutish manhood and stylish massive. This is the other best death metal band alive. I'm not just saying that to get points with Jensen (since he plays guitar in the band but I do think he didn't include this record on their list because of his involvement even though he didn't actually play on this recording, wotever, who cares?) but I could use some points as I seem to always be on their shitlist for some bloody reason. I do the best I can. Sometimes I forget to put things in the cartons. Sometimes I stay home and listen to INNUMERABLE FORMS instead of going in to work. Cheers cunts.  

GLAM - Veneno En Sus Flechas 12" - La Vida Es Un Mus
 -I imagine these boys to be very attractive and adept at drawing the sexy types. They make foot lickin' fuck punk. Or at least that's wot I do to it. Cheers cunts.

Monday, January 6, 2014


The boys have put an entire live set from Birmingham (the home of our very own Martin Ken) featuring many soon to be LP songs on their Low Recordings soundcloud page. Take the long stroll off the short pier...