Friday, July 27, 2018

Pre-Orders up now for GELD - Soft Power 7" and NO STATIK - Mysterious To Ourselves LP

We are very excited to come back from a short break and be able to put these two records out in the world.
They start shipping August 31st 2018 and can be PRE-ORDERED HERE.

NO STATIK - Mysterious To Ourselves LP w/download (LUNGS-111)
 The tumultuous and ever intense NO STATIK are back with 8 furious hardcore tracks and 3 deconstructed soundscapes dealing with the anxiety of feeling incomplete, forward movement and total chaos. We as people are never complete. Even when we die there are parts of ourselves and our lives that are left less refined that we would prefer. Sometimes we don't know where we are going or what the fuck is happening to us but every once in a while there are little indicators or even outside forces helping us to grow and to move along to the next stage.
 Life is ugly, sparse and bold. Let this LP be an indicator for you. A navigation point to help get through the mess and offer a sense of possible order and hope for the future.
 300 copies on 150gr black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with hand made test films attached. Download included. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson. Art by Laíza Ferreira.

GELD - Soft Power 7" w/download (LUNGS-124)
 A nasty followup EP to the Perfect Texture LP released earlier this year finds GELD in a more irascible and unhinged state. Soft Power expands on the band's vision of a freer form of D-Beat with noisier sounds, tighter dimensions, wilder visions and subtler experimentation with carefully placed nuances. Don't be tricked into thinking this is some sort of hippy dippy jamband bullshit though, every second of this is cruelly calculated and executed with the utmost care. Damn.
 250 black and 150 translucent orange 75gr vinyl copies housed in a custom ILR 80# felt weave glued pocket sleeve with insert and download code included. Recorded by Billy Gardener and Julian Cue. Art by Sam McKenzie.
 Out in UK/Europe on the superb Static Shock Record label.

Represses of GELD - Perfect Texture LP and PHYSIQUE - Punk Life Is Shit LP will be shipping out with these too. Go get 'em!

Thanks for looking. -ILR