Friday, September 15, 2017


Out now:

FACELESS BURIAL - Grotesque Miscreation LP w/download (LUNGS-105)
 Coming from the underlands of scorched minds and poisonous everything, FACELESS BURIAL have arrived to ruin you with 34 minutes of blast-surging, malformed death metal mayhem. Hyper-menacing. Grinding. Dirty. Death. Members of Agents Of Abhorrence, White Walls and Internal Rot if you're keeping score.
 166 copies on red vinyl and 500 on something else housed in a heavy duty reverse board jacket adorned with art by Xavier Irvine. Recorded by Finn Keane, Xavier Irvine. Mastered by Mikey Young.

In a flash of fury and madness, the available copies of the NASTI LP we had already sold out. Before we could even get home to the computer and write this mess up. More are being printed right now already. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

These and many more fine wares are yours for the buying at IRONLUNGRECORDS.BIGCARTEL.COM

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Out now: CØNDITIØN - Subjugated Fate 7"

CØNDITIØN - Subjugated Fate 7" w/download (LUNGS-097)
  CØNDITIØN is back with a masterful stroke of devastation to follow up 2015's Actual Hell. They say some things get better with age and in this case we couldn't agree more. Subjugated Fate is an exploded blister on the rotten skin of humanity. And like that jingle that won't stop playing in your head, a festering sore in the aural canal. Still big, still vicious and always pure American D-Beat. Accept nothing less.
 300 copies on radiation yellow vinyl with hand stamped labels housed in Jaybo art on a textured folder sleeve. Recorded in Lost Angeles by Mike Kriebel. Punk.

Get 'em while they're radioactive at the ILR STORE

We also threw up a bunch of new distro stuff from our extended families. RAKTA tour gear, INTENSIVE CARE LPs, URANIUM CLUB everything and more.

The NASTI and FACELESS BURIAL LPs will be out September 15th. Stay peeled.