Wednesday, May 30, 2012

KIM PHUC live vid and repress

Hey remember these guys?
Yep.  They still got it.  "Copsucker" LP repress on light blue vinyls is imminent.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What was supposed to be ready in June is ready a few days early. Here's what we got for your earwax problem:
USELESS CHILDREN - Post Ending//Pre Completion LP (LUNGS-032)
The trip just got real heavy. Effects-soaked noise rock of the highest order from the country down under, squealing and smashing it's way into our hearts. This magma flows hot and loud with the help of Alex Newport's industrial mixing tendencies and UC's uniquely twisted style of sonic craft. There is even a guest appearance by none other than Rick Feedtime. If that isn't the Aussie/noise seal of approval then we can't help you any further than this.

Comes with a free digital download. Get listening here and get purchasing over here. You'll love yourself.

Raw and visceral Cleveland meets Boston style hardcore punk music played by tough-skinned Aussie cunts. They take no bullshit and give no quarter to those of a weaker stock. SJN have been laying low for a while but have finally decided to unleash these three cuts for public consumption. A gift. Recorded at CC's Paincave "studio" in Boston, My America.
In short, this is a mean record for mean people. Scare yourself with darker possibilities. Thank you.

Comes with a free digital download. Go to this place to listen and this other place to buy the real deal. We'll love you too.

Thanks for your attention and support. You look really nice today.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CDs from the warehouse

Some copies of the Life. Iron Lung. Death. CD and the IRON LUNG/LANA DAGALES split CD have surfaced and are being offered at a fair and decent price in the ILR store right now.
We also have a few copies the PIG HEART TRANSPLANT / BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER collab CD on the Phage Tapes imprint in the store as well. That one just came out so there is no dust to gently brush off just yet.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SOCIETY NURSE record release and final Seattle show 6-1-12

A special version of the upcoming SOCIETY NURSE LP will be available exclusively to show attendees. Due to the inevitable crush of geography and adult responsibility, this will also be SOCIETY NURSE's final show in Seattle.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MUTANT VIDEO posts a preview of their newest...

"Close Up" is MUTANT VIDEO getting a little more structured and violent than usual. We like this. We know what we like. From the HEAD SCAN Pt. 2 cassette that will be released on a record label called IRON LUNG RECORDS! Easy pussycat, it will be out in a couple weeks. (Uneasy) We might only make 100 of em.