Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Release: NO STATIK - Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed/We All Die In The End 7"

Hello today. We offer this:

NO STATIK - Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed/We All Die In The End - 7" (LUNGS-015) 
Plainly said, NO STATIK is crushing female fronted hardcore. It's vicious, ugly and uncomfortable. Pure vision. Any flowery description of the sound will only detract from what you need to know. And that is the end is coming and this is the soundtrack. Consisting of ex-members from Artimus Pyle, Scrotum Grinder and Look Back and Laugh, these miscreants have a direction in mind and they are not stopping until we all reach the apocalypse. Strap in.
$5 (US), $5.50 (Can), $7.50 (World)

**Prices are postage paid in US dollars.

Also available:
SLICES - Cruising LP (on yellow vinyl)
TOTAL CONTROL - Retiree 7" (on blue)

1x7" (above)
2x7" = $9 (US), $9.50 (Can), $13.25 (World)
1xLP = $14 (US), $16.50 (Can), $22.75 (World)
1xLP + 1x7" = $17.75 (US), $20 (Can), $26 (World)
1xLP + 2x7" = $21 (US), $25 (Can), $32.50 (World)

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BIG CRUX live recording from KEXP

From the band:

If you missed the 9/18 live BIG CRUX set on Sonic Reducer, you can listen using this link:

BIG CRUX swung for the fences--eleven songs in 30 minutes. Then we spent the rest of the show spinning 7-inches and yapping with Nick Turner and Iron Lung Records friends, Jensen and Lauren.

Frankenhuffer Productions shot the jollies coming soon.

On behalf of babies F and D, this is Baby J saying: HUGE thanks to Nick Turner and all the folks at KEXP for the big radio fun. And likewise to Ty Huffer and Sweet Louis Gossett, Jr. for swinging the cameras around. Peace.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

IRON LUNG at Nevada Museum of Art 10.7.10

Come celebrate The Wrong Side of Reno exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art with IRON LUNG. The opening reception at the museum goes from 5 to 7pm on Oct. 7th. After that we move to a louder venue where we plan to play some of our most soulful material. Ahem.... Music is happening October 7th at HSS Rainshadow.  9pm. No Age Restriction. Iron Lung, The Juvinals and The Humans will play.

What is this you ask? The NMA says:

The Wrong Side of Reno: Three Decades of Punk and Hardcore Music in the Biggest Little City
October 2, 2010 – March 6, 2011
Reno’s rich history of underground punk music is celebrated in this exhibition featuring more than 150 albums covers and ephemera. The first exhibition to present a comprehensive anthology of vinyl records pressed in Reno, the show features albums from bands such as Iron Lung, Zoinks, Crushstory, The Atomiks, and This Computer Kills. All of the albums on view in the exhibition are from the private collection of Mac Schopen. A book, edited by Jeanne Jo and Mac Schopen, will accompany the exhibition.
Our good friends Mac and Jeanne put together a coffee table book of the exhibit. Feeding did the covers. You can get more info on the book and a preview HERE.
The Wrong Side of Reno: Three Decades of Punk and Hardcore in the Biggest Little City

IRON LUNG Halloween in Honolulu 2010!


So here are the details on the shows so far:

Wednesday, Oct. 27th @ Nextdoor (w/Makua Valley Blast Test)
43 N Hotel Street, Honolulu, HI 96817-5102
(808) 852-2243

Sunday, October 31st @ The Manifest (w/Scary Areolas and Makua Valley Blast Test)
32 North Hotel Street, Honolulu, HI 96817-5102
(808) 523-7575


This is the beach we plan to get sunburns on.

LORDS OF LIGHT West Coast Tour October 2010

The dates are these:
10/8 Portland house show
10/9 Tacoma
10/10 Seattle @ The Funhouse (moved from The Morgue)
10/14 San Francisco @ The Eagle (21+)
10/15 Berkley @ 924 Gilman
10/16 Los Angeles @ The Boulevard
10/17 San Jose house show

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TOTAL CONTROL 7" repressed and Razorcake Podcast

Our pals at Razorcake zine thought highly enough of TOTAL CONTROL to include them in a podcast.  Click here for the post.

Also, the Retiree/Meds II 7" has been repressed on blue vinyl and is available for you to own.  $5 ppd USA, $6 CAN, $8 WORLD.  Paypal to