Friday, January 23, 2015

IRON LUNG is playing one show this year

 photo 3.1.15 web_zpsztwgkyzx.jpg
 This is SOLUTIONS' third and final show. GAS CHAMBER will be doing a west coast tour around this as well. Get it.

Friday, January 16, 2015

PRIVATE ROOM is a new band

PRIVATE ROOM is a new band consisting of 3/4 of WALLS. We are playing our first shows soon. It's about time.

SEATTLE 2.20.15
 photo PRfirstshow22015web_zps077ac683.jpg

PORTLAND 2.21.15
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and OLYMPIA 2.22.15
|      flier    |

and then again in SEATTLE 3.26.15
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Thank you.

Monday, January 12, 2015

PHT - For Mass Consumption LP/CS are OUT NOW on ILR

You can run but you can't hide, especially if you have any of the new PHT gear. It's brighter than an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell.

PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - For Mass Consumption LP w/ download (LUNGS-059)
PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - For Mass Consumption CS w/ download (LUNGS-059C)
  Pig Heart Transplant is the alter ego of Jon Kortland, one half of the men that comprise the surgical Powerviolence duo Iron Lung. Like Iron Lung, Pig Heart Transplant delivers both a vicious beating and violent outcome, however the operating methodology is an entirely different animal; slow, churning, industrial, electronic, painfully percussive, a bureaucratic nightmare of State Power with gears grinding the individual into a hallow shell, perfectly molded into one of Them. This is 1984.
  For Mass Consumption is composed of 28 tracks, each approximately 44 seconds long, each song title a 4 letter word, structured in a perfectly palatable way for optimum group adoption and mindless adherence to common purpose. Electronic manipulation, no wave guitar noise, abrasive hammering and eerie synthetic ambience imbue the listener with the seedy malaise of manipulation on a societal scale.  One might recognize the pulverizing brutality of early Swans on tracks like ‘Film’ or ‘Pigs’, the pulsing throb of Brighter Death Now and IRM on ‘Coma’ or even Robert McNaugton’s soundtrack work for Henry: Portrait Of Serial Killer on ‘1970’ or ‘1980’.
  Without doubt a horrifying work of aural terror, For Mass Consumption is the logical result of a culture bent on banal conformity and the futile struggle against its domination. Iron Lung Records (LP and Cassette versions) is pleased to bring this tormented future vision into the present in collaboration with 20 Buck Spin (CD version).

 In addition to these we have a limited long sleeve PHT shirt, TOTAL CONTROL long sleeves, some BLAZING EYE 7"s and warehouse finds of the PHT - Weapon 7" and VAE VICTIS - Ugly Reflection LP. All available in our STORE located at

Thank you and good day.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

NUDITY is touring the west February 2015

NUDITY west coast tour Feb 2015
 photo Queen_zps46d50e50.jpg
Thursday 12th - Seattle, Black Lodge w/ Mysterious Skin and tba
Friday 13th - Olympia, Obsidian w/ Survival Knife and Jonny/Mike/Anton/Peter’s new band
Saturday 14th - Portland, Foggy Notion w/ tba
Sunday 15th - Davis, Third Space Art Collective
Monday 16th - Fresno, Tower District Records w/ Inside The Sun and Wallfower
Tuesday 17th - Joshua Tree, the High Way Space w/ BATT
Wednesday 18th - Los Angeles, The Smell w/ Gun Outfit and tba
Thursday 19th - San Luis Obispo, tba
Friday 20th - San Francisco, El Rio w/ Queen Crescent and Flesh World
Saturday 21st - Oakland, 1234 Go w/ Little Sister and tba

If everything goes according to plan they will have the Astronomicon LP with them. The test presses sound sick.