Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIÄT preview. Coming out in June (probably)

DIÄT will be touring around Spain in May (8th-13th) with NO. Will we get to see any of these shows? No. They should have a special tour version of the upcoming 7" to be released on Iron Lung Records. Real version out by June. Until then please enjoy the B-side track entitled "No Accent". (pssst, they are foreigners so you know there is a big ol' accent or two flyin' around, you just know it)

ILR upcoming things preview

Record release version of the new LP might be ready by June 1st, which is also our last Seattle show ever. More details soon.

 Should be out by June. Interstate Australian tour imminent.

Strange things are afoot within this beast. Be careful.

IRON LUNG - I Hate You Motherfuckers//Live In Australia March 2011

Our friends at terminalescape.blogspot.com have done it this time. They did it before but this time, oh man, they really did it. Get free motherfucker.

Monday, April 16, 2012

SOCIETY NURSE at Le Voyeur earlier this month

Please enjoy this live version of "Wretch", which will be on the upcoming SOCIETY NURSE album.

SOCIETY NURSE in Seattle 5.31.12

Apologies to the youth for the age restriction.

IRON LUNG in Seattle 6.30.12

Monday, April 2, 2012

New HATRED SURGE track from their upcoming album

Iron Lung Records presents "Inoculation" from the upcoming HATRED SURGE long player entitled "Human Overdose":