Sunday, November 25, 2012

WHITE WARDS//GAG on tour in December

From the desk at WW//G HQ:

WHITE WARDS and GAG are touring around our performance at SUBVERSION VOL 1 WHITE WARDS will be recording a 12 song LP for Iron Lung records with Jake Dudly while in the bay. We will have a practice tape of some of those songs available for purchase along
with the remaining copies of our 7". We will also have our song "Cement (demo)" on the Iron Lung Mixtape Vol 2.

GAG will have copies of the re-recorded "Skinmask '95" 7"s on bedside records along with VHS tape of our performance at the voyeur in April. We also will have limited copies of the SNAKERUN 12" (Members of CONDOMINIUM, VACANT STATE) on Bedside Records. A practice tape 
of new songs will most likely be available as well as a lathe cut. Coming next we have a 7" on Warthog Speak, A flexi on Perennial, and a 12" EP on Bedside Records and have our song "Chains and Barbed Wire" on the Iron Lung Mixtape Volume 2.
(Both tracks are real smokers too. Mixtape II should be out before xmas -EL Presidente)

DATES any help is appreciated on blank days.

Dec 3rd Olympia, WA @ the Northern w/HPP, Nudes, Vex
Dec 4th Portland, Or @the Know with Disable, Organized Sports, Life Forms
Dec 5th Sacramento, CA
Dec 6th Davis, CA @ 1604 Poleline w/ Rad, Mtns, Ennui Trust
Dec 7th Subversion Fest
Dec 8th Subversion Fest
Dec 9th Subversion Fest
Dec10th LA, CA @ Dem Passwords (7914-b Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood) w/ Sewn Leather, Condition
Dec 11th ???? Drive
Dec 12th Austin, TX @ Bernadette's w/ Brain Attack, Iron Youth, Blotter
Dec 13th Austin, TX tba
Dec 14th ???? Drive
Dec 15th Phoenix, AZ @ Feudal Realm w/ Urban Struggles, Magnum Force, Man Bites Dog
Dec 16th Santa Ana, CA tba
Dec 17th LA, Ca tba
Dec 18th Bakersfield/Fresno (help?)
Dec 19th San Jose, CA @ Finca Mission w/ Dead Pressure, Wild Moth, Secret People
Dec 20th Oakland CA @ 1234 Go w/Reivers, Replica, Die Hard

Sunday, November 18, 2012

DREAMDECAY in Portland this turkey weekend

DREAMDECAY will be appearing in the City of Roses this coming Friday and Saturday.

23. Velo Cult Bike Shop w/ U-SCO, WISHYUNU, DREAMDECAY

Friday, November 16, 2012

Some COLUMN OF HEAVEN in the shop

After a successful weekend of Canada's finest mosh, we make this Survivalist release obtainable for you. We did not get many but there were not many to be gotten in the first place. There is a bit of preview for the upcoming "Flesh Prison" 7" to be released on our fine imprint in early 2013.

And in case we forgot to mention it, we have the IRON LUNG/THE PROCESS tour split 7" (or at least what remains of it) available for you to purchase as well.

 We also got some more of the latest TOTAL CONTROL 7" back in stock.
 For these and more go to our STORE. Thank you and good day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

IRON LUNG touring in Australia/New Zealand 2013

Owyagoin? Alright?
We are headed back down under for another chance to crack a coldie with you beauts and play some new tunes for you to kill yourselves to.
Let's meet:

24. Sydney @ Blackwire Records w/THORAX+ more
25. Brisbane @ Sun Distortion Studios w/LAST CHAOS, IDYLES
26. Melbourne @ Gasometer w/STRAIGHTJACKET NATION, CUT SICK, NUN
27. Melbourne @ Gasometer w/TRUE RADICAL MIRACLE (last ever show), USELESS CHILDREN, INTERNAL ROT
30. Adelaide @ Animal House w/tba

NZ FEBRUARY - Details coming soon:
01. Auckland
03. Hamilton

We should have copies of our new LP too.
See ya later. Hoo roo!