Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hello again,
 From the offices of ILR and the minds of an elite family of geniuses, a plethora of salty innovation spurts forth:

 photo LUNGS-046afrontitunes_zps52bf7308.jpg
NO STATIK - Unity And Fragmentation LP w/download (LUNGS-046)

   ILR had the extreme pleasure to release NO STATIK's first 7" a couple years ago. Since then they have honed and refined their special brand of noisy aggressiveness to a deafening maelstrom backed with a hypnotizing electronic unsettler.
   If you've seen them you know the live show is always explosive and inspiring. If you're new to NoS then be confident they will increase your quality of life. Don't go without any longer. Be touched. Taste the power.
  Art by Thommy Sarceno, Sound by Greg Wilkinson.

 photo LUNGS-045frontitunes_zpsa8e9d556.jpg
DEAD BOOMERS - Arak 7" w/download (LUNGS-045)

   The newest installment in the unofficial 2nd series of 2 song 7"s on ILR, the previous ones being PHT, DIÄT & COLUMN OF HEAVEN.
   Australia's power duo, DEAD BOOMERS, are inspired by the social security draining, fully retired tumor of society commonly known as the baby boomer generation. Home-made instruments and a sage selection of power electronics are the basic tools used to deliver the destructive, calming crush heard within. Unnerving hard noise with punk attitude and approach that's eerily comforting like a visit from Jack Kevorkian on the last day. He has such a warm singing voice. Goodnight.
  Recorded by Morgan McMasters. 300 copies ever.

Both of these fine items can be obtained in our STORE. Have a day.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

IRON LUNG, GEHENNA & INFEST in Seattle 3.1.14

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This will be the first and possibly only INFEST show in the great northwest ever. Don't miss it.
Advance tickets available at