Thursday, January 27, 2011

BIG CRUX - Big Crux Is A Big Funk 7" (Available for Purchase NOW!)

Out of nowhere, unseen for years, Felix from LIFE'S HALT came into the record shop armed with an ipod full of home-made demos aptly titled "Futuro", signaling that he had the itch to start a new band and get back to doing what he does best. Listening through these (only allowed on headphones) tunes we heard tastes of the BIG BOYS, THE PLUGZ and the MINUTEMEN. Best part is that some of those were sung in his native Spanish tongue. Dynamite! Now BIG CRUX is fully formed and tight as shit. Three of those "Futuro" tracks are recorded it is our extreme pleasure to share them with you. Felix, classify those tracks as "Presente" amigo. Silk screened sleeves. Art by Tim Kerr. 500 copies.


Added 5.2.11. A review from Tastemaker Fanzine. Thanks Matt.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

BIG CRUX in The Stranger Pt.2

James Burns strikes again. BIG CRUX killed it the other night in Georgetown. See here for special BCX treats.

The BIG CRUX blog has been added to the FAMILY section.

Big Crux is a Big Funk 7" order info is coming in the next few days. Stay jagged.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Upcoming West Coast shows for January and February

Iron Lung Records family members IRON LUNG, PIG HEART TRANSPLANT, NO STATIK, WHITE WARDS, LORDS OF LIGHT and BIG CRUX are playing shows together up and down the West Coast:

January 20th San Francisco, CA @ Sub-Mission (Balazo) W/ Iron Lung, Acephalix, No Statik, Merdoso

January 21st Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman W/ Brutal Truth, Lack Of Interest, Plutocracy, Voetsek, Iron Lung, DHC

January 28th San Francisco, CA @ Five Points Arthouse W/ Pig Heart Transplant, Vaccuum, Nosedive, Occult Blood, Ivens

February 10 Olympia, WA @ The Phoenix Haus W/ White Wards, No Statik, Gun Outfit

February 11th Seattle, WA @ The M W/ No Statik, Bone Sickness, White Wards

February 12th Portland, OR @ Black Water Records W/ No Statik, Lords of Light, Raw Nerves, Salted City

February 19th Seattle, WA @The Funhouse W/ The Urinals, Big Crux 21+ age restriction

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


New PHT shirts will be available at the upcoming January 28 show at Five Points Arthouse in San Francisco.

Monday, January 17, 2011

WALLS at The Morgue 1.16.11

This song is called Cheap Equipment.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

WHITE WARDS in Olympia 1.14.10

IRON LUNG in Australia, SE Asia and Japan in February//March 2011

26 Sat - Brisbane - Sun Distortion Studios w// Walls, Teargas, Cannibal

1 Tue - Newcastle - Croatian Club - w// Cistern Corrupt, Cock Safari, Lenin Lennon, Cumlungz
2 Wed - Sydney - Dirty Shirlows w// Ether Rag, Do not resucitate, None Remain
3 Thu - Canberra - ANU Bar w//Monarch, Unearthly Trance, Eagle Twin

4 Fri - Melbourne - Arthouse w// Extortion, Internal Rot, Dead Boomers 
5 Sat - Adelaide - Animal House w// Extortion, Robotosaurus, Prisonbitch, Vaginors
6 Sun - Melbourne - Black Goat w// Agents of Abhorrence, Bloody Hammer, Circuits

8 Tue - Perth - The Den w// Suffer, Happy Families, Lie Cycle, Javier Frisco aka Royal Vomit
SE Asia:
10 Thurs - Jakarta, Indonesia
11 Fri - Bandung, Indonesia
13 Sun - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

15 Tues - Singapore, Singapore
16 Wed - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

18 Fri - Osaka - Hokage w/Birushanah, Completed Exposition, bonanzas
19 Sat - Gifu - 51 w/Darge, Little Bastards, Amber Vial, G.E.S.U.
20 Sun - Tokyo - Earthdom w/Slight Slappers, Dreadeye, Charm, Cosmic Neurose, Payback Boys
21 Mon - Nagoya - Daytribe w/Think Brigade, Social Porks, False Insight, System Fucker

info in Japanese: (for computers) (for mobile and smart phone)

We will have new shirts, special editions of the IRON LUNG - Exposed 7", Iron Lung Mixtape I (cassettes) and a smattering of other new merchandise.

More updates as they come...

WALLS in Australia in February 2011

February: (All dates with USELESS CHILDREN)
18 - Melbourne - The Tote w// True Radical Miracle, Total Control + 1 more
19 - Melbourne - Black Goat Coburg w// Straight Jacket Nation, Kromozome + 1 more
23 - Canberra - Bar 32 Bands TBA
24 - Sydney - Blackwire Records w// Pure Evil Trio + 1 more
25 - Newcastle - Hamilton Station Hotel w// Teen Ax, Rat King, Spew Ya Guts Up
26 - Brisbane - Sun Distortion Studios w// IRON LUNG (usa), Teargas, Cannibal
There will be more updates soon.

Monday, January 3, 2011


We feel that this record is too good to keep quiet any longer.  There is a full LP being mastered right now. It should be out in a couple months.  Here is the tip of iceberg:

Kortland, Bailey, Ward, Turner, Beattie, Wilkinson.