Monday, April 2, 2012

New HATRED SURGE track from their upcoming album

Iron Lung Records presents "Inoculation" from the upcoming HATRED SURGE long player entitled "Human Overdose":


  1. Very good. Hatred Surge knows how to put brutality into powerviolence. Like a bludgeoning to your skull you never saw coming. CAN NOT wait for that new PHT lp though and ILR mixtape. WOO!

  2. I was concerned about the direction of The Surge after the "Brutal Supremacy" tracks and this furthers my concern that they've devolved from a first rate powerviolence band to a second tier metal band. Fucking Generic.

    1. yep, i feel the same way. "Deconstruct" was a masterpiece of the genre--this "death metal" shit they play now is washed up and second rate.