Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello once again,

Today, Iron Lung has these fine treats to offer for your purchasing pleasure:

SOCIETY NURSE - Junk Existence 7" (LUNGS-011)
This is the first offering from SN containing three cuts of powerful, unique American hardcore. Not unlike past meat-mongers The Fix, Mecht Mensch or X-claim #whatever, these malcontents (members of Walls, Fighting Dogs and Bookburner) have managed to make something fresh, updated, wholly original and U G L Y, the way hc is meant to be. No throwback sounds here so you can flush that idea right now. Junk Existence comes packaged in a 100% recycled letterpressed heavy stock sleeve, offset printed insert, and obi strip. Limited to 700 copies on black vinyl forever. Artwork by Matthew G. Adis.
$8.50 (USA), $9.50 (Can), $13.25 (World)

SLICES - Cruising LP (LUNGS-012)
After two devastating 7"s, SLICES returns with nine cuts of raw, noisy weird-punk played in the truest Pittsburgh fashion. Something in the air there makes these bad men twist perfectly normal rock ideas into a hulking torturous sound. An absolute killer. I do believe this album to be the crown jewel of the Iron Lung label. Do yourself a favor and get this. Full color sleeve, "Bad Man" mask and lyric sheet. 700 copies. (now repressed on yellow vinyl, 350 copies, no mask)
$14 (USA), $16.50 (Can), $22.75 (World)

**For both: $21 (USA), $24 (Can), $30.75 (World)

***All prices are postage paid and in US Dollars.

Still available:

IRON LUNG/WALLS/PHT - Public Humilaition LP (add $11 (USA), $12 (World))
WALLS - One-Sided (aka Tread On Me) 12" (add $11 (USA), $12 (World))

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Coming next:

WALLS - Tour 7" (for May 2010 West Coast/Texas tour)
SLICES/IRON LUNG - West Coast tour Summer 2010