Monday, May 3, 2010

NERVESKADE - Insanity/Forced To Live 7"

Hello all,
Today we have have just one slab of genius to unleash on your unsuspecting ear. Check it:


NERVESKADE - Insanity/Forced To Live 7" (LUNGS-013)
Two brand new cuts of raw-noise-punk planted firmly in the new PDX sound. We hear a little Chaos UK, a little Confuse, even a little Disorder in there but these young maniacs have crafted a distinctly original and potent noise attack sighted squarely at your tender senses. Relentless. Destructive. Beautiful. Let the sound poison your life. Let the noise engulf your mind. 
This is a one-time pressing of 800 copies on orange vinyl with a UK-style punch out center housed in a brown paper hand stamped, hand numbered sleeve. 
$6 ppd (USA), $9 (CAN), $13 (WORLD)

***All prices are postage paid and in US Dollars.
Still available:
WALLS - One-Sided (aka Tread On Me) 12" (add $11 (USA), $12 (World))

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