Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello comrades.  Today we have these fine sundries to whet your parched whistles:

WHITE WARDS - Waste My Time 7" (LUNGS-017)
Hailing from Olympia WA, this hungry quartet serves up 6 of the meanest sound-fights that city has ever swallowed. Heavy, fast and intriguing all at the same time (not an easy feat in our opinion). Sonically they land somewhere between the Face The Music era TAR BABIES and DEVOID OF FAITH. Flip, repeat, flip, repeat, We love this record. It's easily one of the best ILR releases to date. They just finished a short tour with Condominium a few weeks ago and we heard nothing but good reports. Look out for them touring the west coast again later this summer.

IRON LUNG - Surgery Poster
18x24 2 color screen printed poster. Strictly limited to 100 copies. Artwork by FEEDING. The quality of this is ridiculous and absolutely top notch. It has to be seen to be belived. Our finest poster ever.

IRON LUNG - Surgery T-Shirt
The monochrome version of the poster image (mostly). And just like the poster, it's only available from us. White ink on a black 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom Short sleeve tee.

All this and more available HERE.

Thank you for your continued support and impeccable taste in music.

**Please bear in mind that we are a small crew so orders will be processed as fast as possible but sometimes get a bit delayed. 

Up next:
DEAD LANGUAGE LP - A 20 minute power violence mind crusher with members of IRON LUNG, SOLUTIONS, WALLS and NO COMMENT. Out by Chaos In Tejas??
TOTAL CONTROL - Hengebeat LP - A krautrock infused new wave garage punk album. Best thing since TUXEDOMOON on the Deaf Club comp. Out end June/early July.

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