Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIÄT - Pick The Line 7" & TOTAL CONTROL shirt out now!

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DIÄT - Pick A Line/No Accent 7" (LUNGS-031)
Rarely does an unsolicited email even raise an eyebrow but No Accent and Pick A Line really knocked us over. Expertly tight catchy drumming, cold as ice monotone pitch perfect post-punk vocals and a rhythm section that would make James Brown mush-mouthier with jealousy. Sorta sounds like "Mesh & Lace" MODERN ENGLISH playing CRISIS covers but with smarter lyrics. We heard a rumor that DIÄT formed with the sole purpose of playing with TOTAL CONTROL in Berlin, where they're from. I could believe the story since 2/3 of the band are actually Australian but I choose not to because the songs are too good to be so casual about. This band will do great things starting now. ILR is proud to debut this power trio to the world.
You can buy it at:
and if you need to hear it first check out:

We are also proud to announce the dawning of our own brand of apparel. We made a bunch of TOTAL CONTROL shirts with a crisp FEEDING design on the front so that our people can now look as good as they feel.
Only available at:

And lastly, the KIM PHUC lp has been repressed and is available now on light blue vinyl.