Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SOCIETY NURSE 12" & Iron Lung Mixtape II out now!!

These guys have only gotten better with time. Since the sold-out-in-a-flash Junk Existence 7", SN has changed singers and written a few more unruly American hardcore songs for you to engorge your virgin pink ears on. Hard sounds in the vein of the 80's Touch & Go midwest with the modern ILR urgency you've come to expect. Outclass yourself and get this before it goes away forever.
Art by Matt Adis. Strictly limited to 700 copies. Thank you and goodbye.

V/A - Iron Lung Mixtape II CS (LUNGS-039)
The second volume of all unreleased (except for one) tracks by bands that should be heard. This is also a place for friends to get loose and step outside the boundaries as they see fit. Some of these friends are called: HUNTING PARTY, CRIMINAL CODE, WALLS, DREAMDECAY, USELESS CHILDREN, GEHENNA, HATRED SURGE, BRAINOIL, MUTANT VIDEO, IRON LUNG (Really? Who would've guessed?), GAG, GAS CHAMBER, THE LOWEST FORM, NEGATIVE PRESS, HARPOON GUNS, SOCIETY NURSE, WHITE WARDS, COLUMN OF HEAVEN & BITE ITSELF.
Art by Amy Browne. Pro printed cassettes limited to 500 copies ever.

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