Thursday, May 16, 2013

Out Now: DREAMDECAY - N V N V N V LP w/ download

 photo NVNVNVlplayoutversion2iTunes_zps2fa1d2c8.jpg

Hello the elite,
 It has been a while since we've been in touch. We have a new thing to sell you. It's an ugly successful thing though so get your grease ready.

DREAMDECAY - N V N V N V LP w/ download (LUNGS-040)
    A lunging, murky noise rock master stroke from this Seattle trio (well, really a quartet since this recording) who is constantly evolving and refining their craft into something truly massive and unique. Feel free to open your life to the interesting and embrace this twisted vision of northwest heaviness. Don't sleep on this band or you will kick yourself later. We might kick you later too.
   They are certainly one of the most powerful live bands around and if you've seen them you know we don't lie. If you bought the tour test press version of this on the east coast then you double know we don't lie. DREAMDECAY will be doing a west coast tour with USELESS CHILDREN later this this year. Get ready.

Fill your record bag here:
Test drive the sounds here:

Thanks for your time and support.

P.S. To those who ordered the "Mystery Product", they are being sent to us in the next few days and to you a few days later. Or so we're told anyway.