Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MUTANT VIDEO - Missing Fingers CS is out now!!

 photo MVmfweb_zps2a7b838c.jpg
Today we have this for your discerning interests;
(LUNGS-043) MUTANT VIDEO - Missing Fingers CS w/ download
 The penultimate hash-mark in the workbench of John Carpenter meets American punk soundtrack-core that is better known as MUTANT VIDEO. This is the darkest and most developed material to date with devastating drum machine rhythms, driving bass lines and eerie scraping noisescapes. A one-time edition of 300.

In the shop HERE
As a MV bonus, we got a few SELF COM/DROWNER split tapes too. Get weird.

And the NEEDLES 7"s are back in stock too.

We also managed to get a few copies of the GAG - 40oz Rule 7" as well. HERE
 photo gag40_zpsc4474ba8.jpg