Friday, July 19, 2013

INNUMERABLE FORMS tour Australia real soon.

We are playing guitar for Innumerable Forms on this tour. We will have the new split lp with Blessed Offal for sale at the shows and in the ILR store after tour. This lp fucking destroys.
*all dates with Mammoth Grinder
7.26 FRIDAY: MELBOURNE @ The Tote w/ Inverloch, The Kill, Doubled Over
7.27 SATURDAY: ADELAIDE @ ANIMAL HOUSE WAREHOUSE w/ Hydromedusa, Starvation, Internal Rot
7.28 SUNDAY: MELBOURNE@ THE GASOMETER HOTEL w/ Straightjacket Nation, Extortion, Internal Rot, Sewercide, Headless Death, Bloodrule
8.1 THURSDAY: CANBERRA @ MAGPIES CITY UNDERGROUND w/ Internal Rot, Throat of Dirt, Hygiene
8.2 FRIDAY: SYDNEY @ THE SQUARE w/ Internal Rot, Oily Boys, Headless Death, Legions
8.3 SATURDAY: BRISBANE @ SUN DISTORTION STUDIOS w/ Shackles, Internal Rot, Headless Death, Sick People
Go HERE to hear a preview track or two.