Friday, August 28, 2015

CADAVER EM TRANSE - s/t 7" is out now.

Buenos dias amigos,
 We were all set to go play shows around the PNW with CADAVER EM TRANSE from Brazil a couple months back and the the government decided that one of the members wasn't good enough to walk our soil. So we made a record for them instead.

CADAVER EM TRANSE - 7" w/download (LUNGS-071)
 Countries with strict borders and immigration policies are ruining the cultural exchange, the enrichment, the fucking quality of life that is an inherent right for all of humanity. Social media is no substitute for real life experience. By denying Brazil's CADAVER EM TRANSE entry, the US government has made it impossible for us to further ourselves as a people and a community. This is bullshit.
 For those of us who will not get to see this band full of productive, passionate, driven, warm hearted and artistically important people, ILR has opted to at least make their music available to you. 4 stunningly crafted gritty não wave punk charmers in the vein of MUZAK's sharp angled post punk or VZYADOQ MOE's raw wave darkness with a slight and steady undercurrent of industrial heaviness.
 400 copies of heavy duty clear/black marble vinyl in a textured pocket sleeve with insert and fancy silver sticker. Art by Murilo Pommer. Photos by Mateus Mondini.

*note, there would have been more copies but the shipping company spilled acid all over a couple of the boxes and melted the vinyl!

 If this tickles your sense of consumerism then feel free to purchase it and any other records we have made in our store. HERE ->

Gracias today.
Jensen // El Presidente de Iron Lung Discos