Friday, February 12, 2016

Out on ILR today: J. GALLEGO - Wash OST LP

J. GALLEGO - Wash OST LP w/download (LUNGS-065)
  This minimal synth driven soundtrack effectively captures what it's like to wander the desert at night. It's full of chance meetings and mystical events that can only be believed by experiencing them personally. A haunting midnight road trip through the imaginary cinemascape of Wash, a motion picture spectacle by J. Gallego. You may know that name because he is the main force behind DREAMDECAY whose album we released last year (and is available again now). Don't be afraid to think of Mica Levy (Under The Skin) or Rob (Maniac [2012]) or even Susan Justin's Forbidden World when you hear Wash.
  "Man, this is really cool! Right up my alley. I kind of feel like I want to listen to this when I go camping next weekend, but at the same time I feel like it's way too freaky for that. When track 4 kicked in the dog got real spooked and tried to lick the speaker and then stared it for several minutes." -J. Robinson
 Wash comes packaged in a custom diecut jacket with a full color inner sleeve inside. All on black vinyl. A one time pressing of 500 copies.

Also back is an orangy gold vinyl version of White Glove Test. What a month.
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