Wednesday, September 14, 2016

IRON LUNG//GAS CHAMBER west coast tour 2016

We are going to be hitting the west with Gas Chamber in October. All shows are all ages. Here are the dates:
21 - San Francisco @Knockout w/Mozart. 9pm
22 - Los Angeles @The Safari* w/Lock, Mynx. 9pm
23 - Phoenix @51W w/Lusitania, Humiliation, Dayak. 8pm
24 - Fresno @Ask A Punk w/Midwest Moms, GFSP, Chokeslam. 7pm
25 - Oakland @Hella Vegan Eats w/Sterile Mind, Rut. And a special screening of One Scythe Fits All. 6pm
26 - Santa Rosa @Ask A Punk w/Acrylics. 8pm
28 - Portland @Black Water w/Dreamdecay, U-Nix. 8pm
29 - Seattle @Black Lodge w/Endorphins Lost, Newlywed. 8:30pm
30 - Olympia @Obsidian w/Dreamdecay, Jaeng. 9pm
*This location could change, stay frosty. More updates will follow as we get them.