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IRON LUNG (label) Discography (so far)

Discography in numerical order by Catalog #:

Lords Of Light – Dividing Up/Buffalo Byrds – 7” – LUNGS-001 – 2007
3 test presses.
1st press - 300 copies. Stamped manila dust sleeve, silver labels, hand numbered.

Walls – The Crawl/Hands & Knees – 7” – LUNGS-002 – 2007
20 test presses with individual Rorschach test covers and individual name-stamped labels.
1st press - 400 copies. Stamped black dust sleeve, red labels, hand numbered. 65 copies with glued picture sleeves, stamped white dust sleeve, hand numbered, for record release show.
2nd press – 300 copies. Stamped white dust sleeve, red labels.

Iron Lung – Cancer/Life Of Pain – 7” – LUNGS-003 – 2007
5 test presses.
1st press - 524 copies. Stamped red dust sleeve, yellow labels, hand numbered. 4 copies on swirl black/orange vinyl.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Demon’s Demands/I’m Guilty – 7” – LUNGS-004 – 2008
3 denied test presses. A side pressed off center.
3 test presses.
1st press - 500 copies. Stamped pulpy green dust sleeve, purple labels, hand numbered.
2nd press - 500 copies. Stamped white dust sleeve, purple labels.
3rd press - 500 copies. Stamped white dust sleeve. purple labels.
4th press - 200 copies on green vinyl. Stamped white dust sleeve. Purple labels.
5th press - 500 copies. Stamped white dust sleeve. purple labels.

Brain Handle – Smiling/Smiling Again – 7” - LUNGS-005 – 2008
3 test presses.
1st press - 100 copies. Fold-over photocopied sleeve, 2 photocopied inserts, hand drawn labels (97 smiley faces, 3 frowny faces). Available only at Chaos in Texas Fest 5/08.
2nd press – 500 copies. Stamped green dust sleeves, pink labels, hand numbered. BH made p/s for 100 of these copies.
3rd press - 500 copies. Stamped white dust sleeves, pink labels.

Iron Lung//Hatred Surge - Broken • A Collaboration - 7" – LUNGS-006 – 2008
(Eraser, Cold Ward, Rehabilitation, The Collection, Awakening // Hunted, Nightcrawler, Oppressor//Suppressor)
3 test presses.
1st press - 101 copies  blank white labels, glued pocket sleeve. Sold only at Chaos in Texas Fest 5/08. 
2nd press - 1000 copies. purple on silver labels. 885 copies with full color foldover sleeve, photocopied middle sleeve and vellum overlay. 115 copies of a uk tour version w/ foldover “censored” sleeve.
3rd press - 170 copies. Red vinyl. Silver on black labels, full color foldover sleeve, photocopied middle sleeve and vellum overlay.

Walls – 1 sided (aka "Tread On Me") – 12” – LUNGS-007 – 2008
(Tread On Me, Punch Out, Reaction!! Reaction!!! Reaction!!!!!, Self Loathing, Blinding Light of Truth, Strong and Able First)
5 test presses. Alternate photocopied "tour" cover glued over blank sleeve. Stamped labels.
1st press – 200 copies with blank white labels. Grooved b-side. Alternate photocopied "tour" cover glued over blank sleeve, hand numbered, red photocopied insert, stamped labels. Sold mostly in Seattle and on the east coast tour 11/08.
2nd press – 1000 copies. Black and white label. Blank b-side.

Iron Lung//Walls//Pig Heart Transplant - Public Humiliation • A Collaboration – LP – Iron Lung LUNGS-008 – 2009
(Politics Of Science, Wild Animal, In The End, Corpse, Sexless//No Sex // Quiet Populace, Cancer, L Dopa, Humiliation, He Has Been Shown, Strong And Able First)
Recorded 10/2008 at The Vera Project in Seattle, WA by Dan Droz and Rafael Echeverria. Mixed 1/2009 at Ear Hammer  in Oakland, CA by Greg Wilkinson.
6 test presses with alternate sleeve art. Individually named and stamped white labels.
1st press 503 copies on black vinyl.
2nd press 514 copies on white vinyl, 6 copies on swirl grey.
Total Control - Retiree/Meds II - 7" - LUNGS-009 - 2009
3 test presses.
1st press - 500 copies with blue hand numbered stamped dust sleeve and white labels
2nd press - 200 copies on blue vinyl, stamped white dust sleeve, white labels.

Iron Lung - One sided (aka - Exposed) - 7" - LUNGS -010 - 2009
(Exposed, No Room, Nothing)
7 test presses with personalized names (Jensen, Jon, RJ, Sue, Sam, Dave & Judd) stamped on blank side grooves and individual hand glued/cut Pettibone picture sleeves.
1st press 500 copies. White Sleeve, black vinyl.
2nd press 500 copies. Red Sleeve, opaque red vinyl.
3rd press 500 copies. Glow in the dark vinyl (big hole). 400 with yellow sleeve. 100 Japanese sleeves on white sparkly paper.

Society Nurse - Junk Existence - 7" - LUNGS-011 - 2010
(Junk Existence // Intimate, Empty Bodies)
6 test presses with the wrong band on the b-side. 6 correct test presses. Packaged together with alternate sleeve art.
1st press - 700 copies on black vinyl with heavy glued pocket sleeve, insert and obi.

Slices – Cruising - LP – LUNGS-012 - 2010
(Medusa, Nightmare Man, Red Raft, John's Public Hell // Floodlight, Robbie, Mike's Insane Problem, Guide To Incest, Laughing While Eating)
7 test presses with alternate sleeve, individually named and stamped.
1st press 700 copies on black vinyl with "Bad Man Mask" included.
2nd press 350 copies on yellow vinyl. No mask.

Nerveskade - Insanity/Forced To Live - 7" - LUNGS-013 - 2010
6 test presses. Stamped.
1st press - 800 copies on dark yellow vinyl, uk punch-out center hole. Hand stamped and numbered brown paper bag dust sleeve. Gold lables.
2nd press - 300 copies on black vinyl. Stamped white dust sleeve. Gold labels.

Walls - Stare At The Walls - 7" - LUNGS-014 - 2010
(Stare At The Walls // Healthy Communication, Live Wire)
8 test presses with stamped blank labels, silkscreened chipboard insert.
1st press - 500 copies on black vinyl, silkscreened black insert.
2nd press - 300 copies on green vinyl. photocopied insert.

No Statik - Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed/We All Die In The End (7" Edit) - 7" - LUNGS-015 - 2010
7 test presses with "Modern English" sleeve.
1st press - 500 copies with stamped  and numbered white dust sleeve. 1st 100 copies are in stamped/numbered white cardstock sleeves with no center hole.
2nd press - 300 copies. White vinyl. Stamped white dust sleeve.
3rd press – 100 copies on clear vinyl. Stamped dust sleeve.

Big Crux - Big Crux Is A Big Funk - 7" - LUNGS-016 - 2010
(Big Funk, Boys To Men // No Stars)
12 test presses, but only 3 with glue panel cardstock sleeves.
Silkscreened foldover sleeve with Tim Kerr artwork.
1st press. 500 copies on black vinyl.
2nd press. 200 copies on random swirl green vinyl with blue paper silkscreened sleeve.

White Wards - Waste My Time - 7" - LUNGS-017 - 2011
(Waste My Time, Fucking A Dead Body, Soaking Through // Bad Decisions, Tear The Veins Out, Lock The Door)
100 test presses with alt photocopied insert and hand numbered sleeve for a West Coast tour. Black vinyl. White labels.
1000 copies. Black vinyl. Black label. Glued pocket sleeve. Vellum insert.
40? copies with different (yet again) art benefit sleeve with mix cd and insert. Black labels. Black vinyl.

Various Artists - Iron Lung Mixtape I - Cassette - LUNGS-018 - 2011
(MENTALLY CHALLENGED - Demon Idea, SLICES - Bottom of the Barrel, SOLUTIONS - Human Meat, IRON LUNG - Spent, COLD SWEAT - I've Heard It Before, SELF COM - 8am, TOTAL CONTROL - S.I.B., EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING - Rush To Relax // WALLS - Blinding Light of Truth, PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - Mental Jobs, VACCUUM - Driven, WHITE WARDS - Acceptance, SOCIETY NURSE - Locked In, BIG CRUX - Protocore, KIM PHUC - Something's Dead, RUNNING FOR COVER - You Are The Victim, OPT OUT - The Exposé, MIND ERASER - Phonophobic, MASTER CHAOS - Enlightenment, STUDIO GEORDIE - Museum Dub)
500 copies. Clear pro printed tapes with photocopied covers.  FEEDING artwork.

Society Nurse – s/t LP - LUNGS-019 – 2012
(Trapped, Empty Road, Tied Down, Ends, Discarded // Wretch, Self Made Man, Grave, Oblivion, Deathless)
Recorded 12/2011 at some studio below Piece Of Mind bongshop in Seattle, WA by Jackson Long. Mixed 3/2012 at Jackson’s unnamed studio in Seattle, WA by Jackson Long.
75 test presses with different Matt Adis art (that was previously slotted for the aborted 2nd 7” with Adam singing). Panels glued to a dj sleeve. Some white, mostly black. Hand numbered. Check out the brutal spelling errors in the song “Oblivion” on the lyric panel! All sold at the final Seattle gig June 1st 2012.

Dead Language - S/T - LP - LUNGS-020 - 2011
(Paranoia, Kingdom Come, Taking Control, They're Still Out There, We Are Watching You Fail, Short Straw, Ignorance, A New Dark Age // Misanthropy)
40 test presses. Individually name stamped labels. Redacted “Space Race” dossier. In a sealed envelope.
1st press - 2000 copies. 1700 on black, 200 on white, 100 on red vinyl. 10 on swirl black/red or red/white.

Total Control – Henge Beat - LP - LUNGS-021 – 2011
(See More Glass, Retiree, One More Tonight, The Hammer, Stone Henge // Carpet Rash, Shame Thugs, No Bibs, Meds, Sunday Baker, Love Performance)
7 test presses with name stamped labels and a FEEDING jacket.
1st press 1000 copies on black vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
2nd press 500 copies.
3rd press 500 copies.
4th press 1000 copies.

Kim Phuc – Copsucker – LP – LUNGS-022 – 2011
(Animal Mother, Local Round-Up, Equinox, Heathens, Prostitute, Black Triangle // Weird Skies, 23, Razorblades, Yeti, Wormwood Star)
7 test presses with "AK-47" glued panel dj sleeves and name stamped labels.
1st press 1000 copies. 200 on white, 800 on black.
2nd press 500 on light blue

Iron Lung – I Hate You Motherfuckers (Live In Australia 2011) – Cassette – LUNGS-023 – 2011
(Stone Hands, Rehabilitation, Final Say, Wet Cough, Future Corpses, Autojector, Nails, Arc Lamp, Pig Hands, Nothing, Lost Appeal, When I Die, Sick Child, Sexless//No Sex // (Left) Lost Appeal, Stone Hands, Rehabilitation, Arc Lamp, Pig Hands, Cauterization, Paralyzed Words, Future Corpses, Sexless//No Sex, Cancer, White Flag, Rate of Respiration, Prison Medical Officer, Politics of Science. (Right) Stone Hands, Lost Appeal, Nails, Arc Lamp, Final Say, Autojector, Rehabilitation, Magnetic Resonance, Paralyzed Words, Nothing, Sick Child, Future Corpses, Sexless//No Sex)
150 copies.

True Radical Miracle – Cockroaches – LP – LUNGS-024 – 2011
(untitled, Two Weeks Off, …And At 9am I Am Invincible, untitled, I Did It Their Way, The Worms Have Won, untitled // Shuffle Out, Unit 10/37, Vulture Beat, I Am Forever, Nick Nolte Wake Up Scene, Pink Slip #2)
7 test presses with name stamped labels, “Electreat” insert and 7 different covers all taken from the insert.
500 copies on black vinyl.

Slices – Still Cruising – LP – LUNGS-025 – 2012
(Still Cruising, Trying To Make A Living, Slices Is Dirts, Greensleeves, Human Resources, Why Do You Make Yourself So Sad // Forever Cruising, Hurt On The Job, Horse Race, Class Time, All My Life, Mustard)
6 test presses with name stamped labels and 11x17 foldover glued cover sleeve.
500 on purple, 500 on pink

Pig Heart Transplant – Weapon/Gut Pleasures – 7” – LUNGS-026 – 2011
6 test presses with August art foldover sleeve and individual name stamped labels.
1st press. 500 copies on black vinyl with felt textured pocket sleeves.
Straightjacket Nation – Nationalism – 7” – LUNGS-027 – 2012
(Nice Talk, Nationalism, Child Care)
no test pressing.
750 copies on black with blank white labels.

Walls – The Future Is Wide Open – LP – LUNGS-028 – 2012
(Just Complain, Dignity Village, In Disguise, Tears Of A Lonely Man, Cheap Equipment, It Never Rolls Right Off // Stare At The Walls, Wants And Needs, Pure Hate aka Fraud, Slow Erase, Positive Thought Is Not Making A Deal With Death, Mekano, A Piece Of Rope)
7 test presses with name stamped labels, Christina Hamilton art on glued panel dj sleeves and video storyboard insert.
200 on blue, 800 on black vinyl.

True Radical Miracle – Termites – LP – LUNGS-029 – 2012
(The Index Extends, Incoming/Outgoing, Air Of A Plank Walker, 98 Proclivities, Northern Metro, 8:10 Nosebleed // Error, Junk Bondage, My Career, 204, Scotch For Breakfast)
7 test presses with name stamped labels and glue panel dj sleeves.
500 copies on black vinyl.

Solutions – Life Of Joy – 12” – LUNGS-030 – 2012
(Intro, Nix Vs. Hedden, Organs Of Generation, Destroy Potential, Cellular Activity, Man’s Journey Sunward, Lord Baltimore, Solutions)
300 copies????

Diät – Pick The Line/No Accent – 7” – LUNGS-031 – 2012
10 test presses.
738 copies on black vinyl with felt textured pocket sleeves.

Useless Children – Post Ending//Pre Completion – LP – LUNGS-032 – 2012
(Post Ending, Stranger, Walk Away, Shuffle // Locked Groove (Movement Of The Coil), In Dreams, Mary, Rest My Bones)
6 test presses.
725 copies on black vinyl.

Mutant Video – Head Scan-Part Two – CS – LUNGS-033 - 2012
(Toothless Cruise, Dinner Face, Headboard, Close Up, Forced Night, Comb Over // Same Universe, Rummage, Cake On Make Up, Oil Change, Business Expense, Faceless Waitress)
100 copies.

Iron Lung - Saboteur - 7" - LUNGS-034 - 2012
(Secrets will be spilled at Prank Fest 2012)
Recorded 6/2012 at Earhammer in Oakland, CA by Greg Wilkinson

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