Saturday, February 6, 2010

Order info WALLS 12", IL/W/PHT Public Humiliation LP, TOTAL CONTROL 7"

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(LUNGS-009) TOTAL CONTROL - "Retiree/Meds II" - 7"
The second offering by these Aussie garage-wavers finds itself in a different space than the first 7". Feels a little more TUXEDOMOON or TUBEWAY ARMY. Maybe it's the drum machine or the claustrophobia. Either way, this is the sound you need in your head. I could skate all day to this jam. Features Mikey from EDDY CURRENT and DX from UV RACE. (repressed on blue vinyl)
$5 ppd USA, $6 CAN, $8 WORLD.

This, first and foremost, is NOT a split. Recorded live at The Vera Project in Seattle on Halloween night 2008, this was a one-time performance by all three bands collaborating as one super band. Six members in total. The sounds recorded this day were deranged, devastating and truly scary. New arrangements of three IRON LUNG songs, three WALLS songs and two PHT noise pieces. On top of that, we wrote two brand new songs and threw in a cover just to spice things up. Twenty nine minutes worth of total noise and depression sound. Absolutely crushing. Repressed on white vinyl.
$13 ppd (USA), $16 (CAN), $23 (WORLD)

(LUNGS-007) WALLS - One Sided aka "Tread On Me" - 12"
We all decided that after the first batch of noise rock that we wrote (S/T lp and "The Crawl" 7") we would make a punk record. Something we could really bug out to. Something we could break shit to. This is that record. It has the same ugly, negative vibe that the s/t lp has but it's faster and shorter. In the vein of the COLD SWEAT's "Blinded" lp but much much better.
We made 200 copies for our (only) tour last November and had to ration the copies out at each show. Again, unexpected, thanks for the support. United pressing plant really made it hard on us to get shit out on time, hence the limited tour version with the lame glued covers and photocopied inserts. Now this available with a real sleeve, insert and no groove on the b-side (like we intended). Artwork by FEEDING.
$12ppd US, $14 CAN, $20 WORLD.

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(LUNGS-011) SOCIETY NURSE - Junk Existence - 7"
Members of Walls, Fighting Dogs and Bookburner playing ushc in the vein of Die Kruezen or Black Flag. Art by Matt Adis. 

(LUNGS-012) SLICES - Cruising - LP
Pittsburgh offers another fine group of weirdos playing punky noise rock. The next biggest thing in your ears...This LP slays.