Sunday, February 5, 2012


Friends. For you and your life, make the best with help from these sounds:

WALLS - The Future Is Wide Open LP (LUNGS-028)
The paranoia and unease of one man is hard to measure physically. WALLS has done this sonically so that the more timid people out there don't have to get their hands quite so dirty. They will still have to do the work though. There is always the work.
'The Future Is Wide Open' is a sarcastic bite out of society's apple. And what a rotten apple indeed. Bursting with angst and tension, this album is a relentless hardcore punk/noise rock demon-sound.
There is no release from the future. The gates are shut.

"It Never Rolls Right Off" Video
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TRUE RADICAL MIRACLE - Termites LP w/digital download (LUNGS-029)
The current Australian underground music scene is quickly becoming something we will be talking about worldwide in the same way that "80's US hardcore" or "West Coast Power Violence" are now. There are so many awesome bands and we have had the great fortune to be a part of releasing some of them to the world.
TRM offers their second LP of jagged sunburnt noise rock in the fashion of these modern times of struggle and woe. This will not cheer you up. This may drive you further into oblivion. Best material to date.

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