Saturday, April 19, 2014

THE LOWEST FORM & WARTHOG out right now!

Good evening,
 Are you tired of having the same corny cobs for every meal? Well, get fresh and pick your teeth with these...

 photo LUNGS-049FRONTCOVERweb_zpsda98a9ec.jpg
THE LOWEST FORM - Negative Ecstasy LP w/ download (LUNGS-049)
A swirling, nasty hardcore punk record by one of Britain's finest ensembles. Negative Ecstasy takes the listener (that would be you, duh) through an aural obstacle course of thuggish pounding and piercing feedback wash. Get dirty. Where would we all be without a couple fuzz pedals? Probably listening to Vivaldi or something refined. No thanks. "I want to bash my brains out, bleed all over your drugs and watch you smoke 'em up as I drift off to the inevitable. THE LOWEST FORM is it, bruv." -Martin Ken

  photo LUNGS-051frontweb_zps95422c0b.jpg
WARTHOG - Prison 7" w/ download (LUNGS-051)
It blows my mind that a single person, let alone a group of people, is able to get anything done in New York City. It's a non-stop claustrophobic hustle. You gotta fight just to get to the train that will probably be delayed and covered in a stranger's blood. Isn't everyone a stranger? Maybe it is that very environment that influences some of the best music of the Americas. It would certainly explain WARTHOG's brutish hardcore punk wildness. Our boys are gearing up to hurt some people. Get mean.
Recorded and mastered at the same sessions as the Exterminate Me 7" on Katorga Works.

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