Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GAG and FLESH WORLD are out now!

Hello world people,
 We have two more for you. It has been a crazy couple weeks. No end in sight. Drowning.

GAG - Locker Room 7" w/ download (LUNGS-056)
   Your favorite mid-tempo manglers are back with "Locker Room", the tour single and premier track from the upcoming GAG lp later this year on IRON LUNG RECORDS.
   Only 500 copies will be made, housed in a high quality felt-weave sleeve. Sounds by Dave Harvey. Art by Scott Young.

FLESH WORLD - A Line In Wet Grass 7" w/ download (LUNGS-055)
   Our friend Jenn Pelly once described FW like this: "Imagine spiky melodies and washes of reverb mixed with the driving intensity of cold, post-punk spirit—skull-piercing guitar feedback, scratchy riffs, anxious drum builds, ominous moods, and bright guitar hooks when you'd least expect them." and we would be hard pressed to put it better than that.
   First pressing is 500 copies on black vinyl and 100 on pink packed in a heavy felt-weave jacket with a handy little insert. Sounds by Brad Dermanouelian. Art by Martín Sorrondeguy.

And we also have the digital version of TOTAL CONTROL for sale HERE too.
Buy a thing in our STORE.

Thank you. Goodbye.