Monday, October 12, 2015

Productivity: Volumes 72-77.

Hey everyone. Here is a bunch of new shit that the family has been busy making. It should all be out before year's end. Some very soon. Some a little less soon.

GAUCHO is members of S.H.I.T. playing raw South American style hardcore. A 5 song 7".

Greg Wilkinson and Jon Kortland did the soundtrack to a short college slasher film by Dionne Stevens and Maya Messoriano called One Scythe Fits All. Think John Carpenter meets Chester N. Turner. An 11 song 7".

BEHAVIOR is a new Los Angeles punk band. This is their first album and it is a goddamn winner. A 10 song LP.

GAG is a morally upright and conservative republican rock group. Finally rich with this 8 song LP.

PRIVATE ROOM is the new WALLS band. Better songs, worse attitude. Strong. A 2 song single to hold you until the LP drops early next year.

LOCK is tough as shit. Members of CØNDITIØN and FURY playing up to date American hardcore. A 5 song 7".